Fisker Charging Up for Electrifying Updates

Fisker Ocean Charging

This week in Fisker was eventful, with a surge of electrifying updates indicating that the company is charging up for what appears to be an exciting three weeks ahead.

Fisker Ocean charging at home.
Fisker Ocean charging at home.

Fisker is currently charging up for a flurry of important updates expected to come over the next few weeks. The company announced earlier this week that it will release its latest quarterly results on May 9th, which is likely to include updates on several fronts, such as homologation, production ramp-up, customer deliveries of the Fisker Ocean in Europe, and new details on the EPA front for US customers. Fisker previously mentioned some important dates that have already passed and others that are coming up. They could drop news at any time between now and their Q1 2023 earnings release.

Currently, there are a handful of dates that we are tracking, which we consider significant. For instance, Fisker had previously stated April 20th as the intended start date for ramping up production of vehicles intended for European delivery. Additionally, Fisker indicated that it planned to obtain European homologation from authorities by April 28th, with deliveries to follow soon after. In fact, earlier this week, the company said, “Fisker looks forward to commencing deliveries in the beginning of May.” It is entirely possible that Fisker could begin delivering cars to customers in Europe before their upcoming earnings release on May 9th.

Charge Your Way

Fisker has launched a new webpage called “Charge Your Way,” which presents future Fisker Ocean customers with options for charging their electric SUV both at home and on the go. Most EV owners charge up to 80% of their EVs at home, as emphasized by Fisker. The company goes on to say the Fisker Pulsar Plus makes this process more convenient by allowing owners to plug in and charge overnight. Additionally, Fisker suggests other ways for EV owners to charge while they’re out, such as using public chargers at shopping centers, restaurants, or campgrounds. We particularly like that Fisker has included new photos of the Fisker Ocean charging at home and on the go. This is the highlight of the webpage.

Ocean One Keychain & Earth Day 2023

Over the weekend, we received a package from Fisker, containing our Fisker Ocean One keychains, as seen in our unboxing video. While it may seem like just a keychain to some, it is a thoughtful and relevant gift from Fisker as we wait for our Ocean One. The keychains are black and silver, with the Fisker logo representing the “O” in the One emblem. Many Ocean One customers received their keychains yesterday, with several posts on Fiskerati Forums, while others are still awaiting them. Although the package had Fisker’s corporate address in Manhattan Beach, CA, it appears to have been shipped from Twin Cities, MN. Receiving gifts in the mail is always enjoyable, and we extend our appreciation to Fisker for their generosity.

Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Yesterday, our community celebrated Earth Day 2023, and as a family, we participated in a local beach cleanup and a neighborhood trash pick-up. During both activities, we collected two shopping bags full of litter from the ground. It’s disheartening to see how much trash there is, and it becomes more apparent after spending an hour picking it up. We noticed that it’s everywhere, some of which may have blown out of trash bins or the trash truck, while other trash is deliberately thrown on the ground. We hope that sharing our experience inspires you to take action and do your part in protecting our planet. How did you celebrate Earth Day 2023? Please share in the comments below.

Getting Ready for Fully Charged Live

This week, get ready for one of the most exciting clean energy events happening in the UK. If you haven’t seen the Fisker Ocean electric SUV yet and live in the UK, don’t miss your chance to experience it at Fully Charged Live UK South 2023. This event is happening at Farnborough International, which is around 40 miles southwest of London. It will be taking place from April 28th through 30th, and attendees can chat with Fisker product specialists to learn more about the beautifully designed, all-electric SUV and get an up-close look. Based on our experience at Fully Charged Live San Diego, you’ll love this event! If you attend the event, share your photos and videos with us and we’ll feature them on the site!!

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