Fisker Brand Experience Centers, Designed to Create an Emotional Connection

Fisker Brand Experience Center Los Angeles CA The Grove

The Fisker Brand Experience Center will be designed to make you want to buy your first electric vehicle.

At the forefront of the company’s strategy sits design. Design has been a part of everything the Fisker brand touches. Examples are plentiful within the company’s digital and physical products. You can see it in the Fisker logo or in the styling of the Fisker Ocean. Design has allowed the company to make an emotional connection with prospective customers. For example, the company has generated more than 50,000 reservations for the Fisker Ocean to date. With the upcoming launch of Fisker Brand Experience Centers, we expect design to play at center stage.

“Our brand experience centers will be the primary physical touchpoint for the majority of our prospective customers.”

Henrik Fisker, Co-Founder & CEO of Fisker, Inc.

Fisker showrooms near you

Fisker will have nearly a half dozen Brand Experience Centers open globally by year-end. The first Fisker Brand Experience Center will open in Los Angeles sometime over the next few months. Fisker Brand Experience Centers will follow in Munich, London, New York, Miami and Copenhagen. These physical stores will be the first time many prospective customers will get to interact with the Fisker brand. They will be able to look and touch the Fisker Ocean and speak with product experts. Customers will be able to take a test drive. Each Fisker Brand Experience Center will be the same format from one city to the next. This will allow the company to scale to metropolitan areas that are likely to have the highest electric vehicle adoption or where they can meet the greatest number of our reservation holders.

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Get ready to fall in love

We shouldn’t expect these experience centers to feel like a traditional car dealership. That experience is dull and uninspiring. They will be nothing like we’ve seen before. Each experience center will be designed in such a way that customers have a strong desire to purchase their first electric vehicle. The company will focus on design. Get ready to buy a Fisker Ocean. As soon as you visit your nearest Fisker Brand Experience Center, you will be the proud owner of your first electric vehicle. Customers are going to fall in love with the Fisker Ocean at these showrooms.

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