Fisker: A Cult Following

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Fisker Fam is a rallying cry, the cult following in Fisker is growing, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Apple. Google. Starbucks. Tesla. What do these companies have in common? You guessed it! They all have loyal customers that, if they even think of abandoning the brand, they’ve become so accustomed  to using, would be banished from society forever. At least that’s what it seems. Over the years, these companies have built incredible brands with a cult following. Then comes the new kid on the block…Fisker.

Building a cult following

Fisker quickly gained a cult-like following since they came into the stock market scene via $SPAQ in 2020. I have to be honest. I didn’t know anything about the brand Fisker until my brother mentioned it to me a couple years ago. He told me about this EV company that has a lot of potential in the electric vehicle space and will be going public via a SPAC merger. I was kind of new to investing in the stock market. I didn’t really know where I wanted to start investing my hard earned money. I thought, what the hell, I’ll throw some money towards Fisker stock.

Fisker on Fintwit $FSR

Then came Twitter. I have to be honest again. I never used Twitter before I started investing. My brother would send me stock symbols with a dollar sign in front of it. I’m thinking what’s the deal with this dollar sign? He said, “Oh, that’s how you look up a stock on Twitter to see what everyone’s talking about in the market.” I quickly learned what Fintwit (Financial Twitter) was and that stocks too have cult-like followings.

Fisker Ocean Extreme in Solar Orange

Here I am now, checking Twitter all day every day, seeing what people are talking about Fisker. Then I noticed the same Twitter users posting and commenting about $FSR. I began interacting with these guys and this blossomed into what is known now as the “Fisker Fam.” And that’s exactly what it is. A group of people that share the same passion for a brand they see amazing value in. There is also a big Fisker Fam on Stocktwits, nearly 76k followers of $FSR, where Henrik Fisker also became super active again.

Fisker’s loyal following

But why?  Why does Fisker have this loyal group of individuals that praise the stock one minute and curse at it the next?  Why are they constantly defending the brand, the CEO and the future of Fisker. Between the ups and downs and shorting by doubters, it’s done nothing but give us heartache?

Why do we love getting beat down day after day , seeing red day after red day in the market?  What is so special about this company?  I mean it did gO bAnKrUpT bEforE right?  I’ll tell you why. Because this isn’t the same company as it was before. The CEO,  Henrik Fisker has come back with a vengeance. He learned years ago when he introduced the Karma the things he did right and the things he did wrong. Some factors were in his control but a lot were not.

Getting a second chance

Fisker EV Lineup ---> Ocean, PEAR, RŌNIN

We’ve all wanted a second chance at something, because you feel deep down inside you know you could do it better the second time around. Well that’s exactly what Henrik did. He’s taken all the rights steps this time. This puts Fisker above the rest of all the other EV companies, trying to put themselves on the map. He has aligned with the biggest names in the industry. Fisker has signed partnerships with Magna, Foxconn, Bridgestone, Sharp, CATL, and Allego.

With these partnerships, Fisker is setup to potentially put more EV’s on the road than any other EV company short of Tesla.  Fisker is also setup to put more of a variety of vehicles on the road than any other EV company. With the Fisker Ocean starting production in November of this year, followed by the Pear and the recently introduced Ronin. That’s an SUV, city car, and the first ever 4-door electric luxury convertible sports car with a 0-60 speed in 2.0 seconds. Just shy of the Tesla Plaid’s 0-60 speed in 1.9 seconds. There are also 2 other vehicles in the lineup with speculation of a pickup truck (Alaska?) and a fifth mystery vehicle.

The Fisker Fam is here for the long-term

The potential revenue and class leading vehicles in this lineup is what gets the Fisker Fam excited. It is why we take the abuse of holding the stock. We see what this company can be 5-years from now. For some, if the stock performs well, it’s retirement. For others it’s just adding to their portfolio. Whatever the case, we’re all in this together. And, just one more thing: What other company is building a custom ride for the Pope himself?

This guest blog post is written by @TomCorey. He is an automotive enthusiast, fan of Fisker, and holds a long position in $FSR shares.

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