All-Things Fisker: Should Fisker Cut Prices, SolarSky Roof Shadow Solutions, EPA Ranges, & More

Join us for Episode 12 of All-Things Fisker as we discuss everything Fisker Ocean that dropped in the past week and what’s to come.

Tonight, in Episode 12 of All-Things Fisker, we will discuss Fisker Ocean EPA ranges, our opinion on whether Fisker should follow in the steps of Tesla and cut prices, Fisker’s solution to the SolarSky Roof shadows, the latest emails for Fisker Ocean One customers, and more.

The show starts on our YouTube channel at 6pm Pacific Time, 8pm Central Time, and 9pm Eastern Time. You can watch the video above or join us on YouTube to ask questions in the live chat. Feel free to pre-submit questions on the YouTube video live chat and answer the poll we just posted!

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8 thoughts on “All-Things Fisker: Should Fisker Cut Prices, SolarSky Roof Shadow Solutions, EPA Ranges, & More

  1. Fisker should seriously think about the costs if they can. I’m seriously thinking of going for a model Y, even though I prefer an Ocean and have a reservation, all purely on cost.

  2. Fisker must respond by not only slashing prices but also throwing in some things that are standard on Telsa. The ultra must now “include” heated and leather feel seats. The Extreme should include most but not all that you get on the one. The only base optioned trim being the Sport. Fisker has to be the ” better” overall value as Tesla is the safer bet in many ways. The Tesla model Y is now the car to buy if Fisker doesn’t want to compete!

  3. I just had Car Max send a Tesla P100D to my area to test drive, $20k discount over the last 2 months. At least I will know who will service my car. If Fisker doesn’t provide me with answers to that and many other questions, my next question will be: Who wants to make an offer for my 5k deposit?

  4. Ocean One buyers are still in a good spot as your getting a first addition run with every package and option. Its the Ultra and Extreme buyers that are getting screwed after adding just a few (overpriced) packages and options that end up totaling $80k plus to nearly $100K! We also don’t know for sure about the tax credit on the Ocean, the model Y does qualify and there is even a 7 passenger option.

  5. Fisker doesn’t need to cut prices as long as they have a backlog of orders. Tesla cut prices because they have tens of thousands of cars in inventory and a change coming to add radar sensors back.

  6. Many in the backlog may give up their small $250 deposit to save thousands of dollars during the Tesla fire sale, I know I will unless Fisker makes some cost adjustments. Another reason Tesla cut prices would an attempt to annihilate and destroy the competition of vulnerable upstarts, not just Fisker.

  7. I’m definitely on the fence and seriously leaning towards theTesla Model Y. The ultra I have reserved would need to include winter package and feel tek seats to start.
    Also, in Canada, with a 35% increase in price. Tesla offers 96 months at 6.35% with almost immediate delivery. Also, the white interior for $1300 is starting to win me over. I think I’m around the $40k mark in reservations and the thoughts of waiting a year is painful. I hope Fisker makes it through this but they need to make some BIG moves and FAST

  8. I asked Radgiver (Fisker) 8 questions last night. They could only answer one….Can I sell, transfer my $5k deposit to someone else? NO! the other 7 questions were not answered….”more information will be released at some unknown time in the unknown distant future” OK, not a direct quote, but you get the idea. I understand that this is a first world problem, Grateful that I can even have this conversation.

What are your thoughts?