81 Days Away, Henrik Fisker Interview, Brooklyn, & Paris Auto Show

Fisker Ocean Brooklyn, New York City Pop-up Location

We sat down with Henrik Fisker for our first exclusive interview and then Fisker Ocean made its East Coast debut with a splash in Brooklyn.

Today, we are now only 81 days from the official start of production. The Fisker Ocean will be rolling off the assembly line in Graz in just 11 weeks from now. This week in Fisker was filled with everything from an exclusive interview with Henrik Fisker and a new Fisker PEAR photo to Fisker Ocean live streams and pop-up locations. You can get caught up by taking a look at the latest edition of This Week In Fisker.

Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Locations

Fisker Ocean Brooklyn, New York City Pop-up Location
Fisker Ocean steering wheel at the Brooklyn pop-up location.

There was a lot of excitement this week leading up to the East Coast debut of the Fisker Ocean. We believe this was the main reason Fisker’s stock beat the market this past week.

We received candid photos of the Fisker Ocean this morning from the Brooklyn pop-up location. Three of our readers shared candid photos with us from the New York City pop-up event to share on the site. The event was packed as you can see in the photos.

We also learned the other day, the company will be heading to Germany again in September with two more pop-up locations. If you’re in Southern California, don’t miss the Fisker Ocean at Fully Charged Live in San Diego next month. Also, this week Henrik disclosed that the Fisker Ocean will be headed back to France for the Paris Auto Show on October 17th through 23rd. The Fisker Ocean made its France debut the other month at another car show.

Henrik Fisker Interview

We had an opportunity to interview Henrik Fisker this week. It was a pleasure to speak with him for our very first time. We had the chance to talk with him about the Fisker Ocean One, get the latest on the Fisker Ocean, and talked about the Fisker PEAR including a new photo of the city car. Henrik revealed some new details about the Ocean One and PEAR in the interview. For example, did you know the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme will include a taco tray for the driver?

Favorites for the week

Fisker Ocean Brooklyn, New York City Pop-up Location
Front seat view of the 17.1″ display of the Fisker Ocean.

There were a handful of articles we want to call out this week in case you missed them. Firstly, we really loved the video that Fisker created for the Fisker Ocean Art Car. There is a part of the video where artist Geoff McFetridge talks about Fisker’s logo. He describes it in a way we’ve never heard before from an artist perspective.

Secondly, We also enjoyed the video of Henrik’s welcome message sent to customers that pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One. Henrik refers to these customers as VIPs. This was the first email sent specifically to Ocean One customers. It was a heartfelt message.

Thirdly, we also did a mid-week recap in our All-Things Fisker live stream. We covered a lot of topics including reviewing the latest photos of the Fisker Ocean, including a mention about rear folding seats, paint protection film, and the Fisker car alarm.

Lastly, we posted a new video about Fisker’s FI-Pilot which gives you a great overview of the innovative safety feature. Be sure to check that out if you aren’t familiar with the technology that will come standard in the Fisker Ocean One and Ocean Extreme.

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