74 Days Away, Your First EV, Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Locations, FI-Pilot, & New Henrik Interview

10 weeks until the official start of production, we saw a lot more testing, Henrik on Fox Business, and new pop-up locations next week.

Today, we provide you a quick recap during Issue # 28 of This Week In Fisker. It was actually a quiet week in the world of Fisker. However, there were a few notable events that we will discuss. For starters, the best thing we saw this week was Henrik Fisker appearance on Fox Business News. Henrik talked about Fisker Ocean demand, revamping the electric grid, and using a common standard to charge EVs. Henrik met with Magna CEO to discuss US production for the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean FI-Pilot ADAS Testing
Fisker Ocean FI-Pilot ADAS Testing.

Next up was FI-Pilot and excessive heat testing of the Fisker Ocean. Henrik shared details about his trip to Michigan to test out FI-Pilot on the Fisker Ocean. There shared various shots of the high-tech camera and footage of FI-Pilot being tested in the real world.

Then, we got some video clips of the Fisker Ocean driving through Death Valley in Eastern California. If you didn’t know, Southern California is experiencing a massive heat wave right now. This was the perfect time to conduct excessive heat testing. Additionally, we got to see a glimpse of Geeta Fisker test driving the Fisker Ocean at the Magna factory.

The company officially confirmed on Friday they will be attending Fully Charged Live in San Diego next week. The email announcement said the Fisker Ocean test vehicle will be present. That means it will wither be the Blue Planet or Solar Orange Fisker Ocean on display. Also, it wasn’t clear whether or not Fisker will attendees to sit in the vehicle like other pop-up locations. The event runs all of next weekend at the San Diego Convention Center. Maybe we’ll get to see if the test vehicle also has two-tone seats like we saw in Brooklyn last weekend?

Favorites this week

As we round out the week, we have a question for you. Will the Fisker Ocean be your first electric vehicle? To date, this poll question has been answered 165 times. Make sure to have your answer recorded. We will use this information to help develop a new video series this month. We also wrote this week about ways to make the Fisker Ocean better, having gathered a lot of customer feedback. Lastly, we published the weekly stock chart analysis and we’re at a critical technical level in Fisker shares. That’s worth a read if you’re a Fisker investor.

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