47 Days and Counting, Nearly 100 Fisker Oceans Built, 60k Reservations, Testing, & Elon Musk

This week in Fisker was busy as the company gave us a production update from Magna Steyr including new photos and videos of the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean undergoing extreme heat testing in California's Death Valley
Fisker Ocean undergoing extreme heat testing in California’s Death Valley.

Today, we are 47 days away from the official start of production. In less than 7-weeks Magna will begin producing sellable vehicles for Fisker. However, that’s not stopping Fisker and Magna from dialing in prototypes and the high volume assembly line. Henrik was back at Magna this week to give us an update.

On August 8th, during Fisker’s Q2 2022 earnings announcement, the company had completed 55 Fisker Ocean prototypes. Fast forward two months and the company shared some exciting news with us this week. To date, Fisker’s production partner Magna Steyr has produced 95 prototypes of the Fisker Ocean SUV. That’s nearly 100 electric SUVs. The newer prototypes will be used for marketing, training service technicians, and to showcase at Fisker Lounges. Also, this week, the company reported over 60,000 Fisker Ocean reservations.

Photos and Videos Galore

Fisker Ocean being painted on the production line at Magna Steyr
Fisker Ocean being painted on the production line at Magna Steyr.

That was not the only cool thing we learned about this week. In fact, Fisker dropped new photos and videos practically each day throughout the week. We saw Fisker conducting suspension testing of the Fisker Ocean and Henrik performed the Moose Test.

Last night, Fisker dropped a new video of the Fisker Ocean undergoing extreme heat testing in Death Valley. If you follow along, you got notified about it last night on the Fiskerati site! This morning the company shared the video by email.

Also, we got to see the Fisker Ocean built on the Magna assembly line. We saw a close up of a Fisker Ocean Sport in Great White this week. The company even shared the Fisker Ocean’s digital rear view mirror in action. Fisker even showed off a test vehicle at Magna with AeroStealth wheels. It was a first look at them on an actual prototype.

Other Notables for the week

All-electric Fisker Ocean SUV
All-electric Fisker Ocean SUV.

Then there was Elon Musk who tried to revive a decades old spat with Henrik Fisker. He can’t seem to move on from the past. The only reason we wrote about it was to call him out for being incorrect and trying to rewrite the past. He is wrong. At the time, we even questioned whether or not if he is the one behind short selling Fisker shares.

Fisker updated its website with some new, but minor, details on the Wallbox charger. The company added a new FAQ section for Charging solutions to their site. For example, the Fisker Wallbox home charger will add an estimated 20-30 miles / 32-48 km of range per hour depending on your battery and country. This is enough to fully charge overnight for most owners.

Lastly, Fisker added a new pop-up location to its European Tour. The company will be bringing the Fisker Ocean to the Paris International Motor Show from October 17-23, 2022. Also, the prior week, Fisker announced it will be headed to the Oslo Motor Show from October 28-30, 2022. We’re still awaiting new locations and dates for US pop-up locations. Stay tuned!

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  1. If there are 60000 deposits now taken, and I put down a deposit now (1st Oct) when will be my delivery date?

    1. A lot of factors to consider. For example, the trim you’re interested in (e.g., Extreme, Ultra, or Sport), country where you live, how many Fisker Oceans will be produced in 2023, etc. If you like the Fisker Ocean, we’d recommend getting into the reservation queue sooner rather than later. Same goes for Fisker PEAR.

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