12 Days to Fisker Ocean Pre-Orders, 5 Months to Production, & 52,000 Reservations

Fisker Ocean

Fisker is nearing some major milestones on the road to Fisker Ocean production and we couldn’t be any more excited with updates this week.

Your Fisker Ocean in Big Sur Blue
Fisker Ocean reservations keep growing.

Today, we are 12 days away from Fisker opening up pre-ordering for the Ocean One. The company will begin contacting early reservation holders on July 1st.

The Fisker Ocean is now exactly 5-months away from starting production. And, Fisker Ocean reservations are rising past the company’s initial goal.

Reservations for Fisker Ocean now stand at nearly 52,000 at a rate of just over 1,000 per week. We couldn’t be more excited with the progress the company is making.

Auto Conference

There were some big events this week in the world of Fisker. Henrik appeared at the Deutsche Bank Global Industry Auto Conference. At the event he shared a lot of new information with us. We recapped the entire fireside chat. The biggest take away from the event was Henrik believes the supply chain crisis is ending. Henrik reiterated the Fisker Ocean will start production on November 17, 2022. That is 151 days away from today, or exactly 5 months. He re-appeared on Fox Business News and shared the same thing. The start of production date in November is firm.

Investor Presentation

Henrik Fisker at Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference
Henrik Fisker at industry auto conference.

Fisker also updated its investor presentation and posted it online. We grabbed and reviewed a copy of it to see what changed.

Lo and behold, there were some updates. Lots of updates. We found out that Fisker will be conducting test drives with journalists and analysts in the Fall. This happen once the Display UI is finalized.

Customer test drives will begin in early 2023. Test drives for customers will be available at Experience Centers when they open.

Car Show

Fisker Ocean at Los Angeles Car Show
Team Fisker at Los Angeles car show today.

Fisker is at the Beverly Hills car show today, together with some of the world’s most prestigious vehicles. We’re on the lookout for your photos from the event.

Maybe Fisker will head south next and make an appearance during the San Diego County Fair. Would be wise as it has approximately 50,000 people in attendance each day.

And, the United States tour of the Fisker Ocean continues…

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Fisker RŌNIN James Bond Movie
Fisker RŌNIN on the streets of London.

One of our favorite articles this week came from a guest writer. He wrote about why he believes the Fisker RŌNIN should be cast in the next James Bond. Providing six reasons, he makes a compelling case.

We also enjoyed writing about Why You Should Wait for the Fisker Ocean. Hands down, this is gonna be one of the best electric vehicles to hit the market.

We also made a case for why you should reserve your Fisker PEAR now. That’s gonna be a heck of an electric vehicle. Oh, and there was what you need to know about the Fisker Flexible Lease. Summing it up a couple of words, it’s revolutionary. Enjoy these articles until next week.

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