116 Days to Production, Henrik’s Test Car, & Fisker Ocean Updates

Henrik Fisker's Test Car

Next week should be a whole lot more exciting than this week, as we await new photos and videos of Henrik’s Fisker Ocean test car.

Today, we are 116 days away from the start of Fisker Ocean production. That means we are now less than 4 months away from the first Fisker Ocean electric vehicle to roll off the assembly line. We’re also 10 days away from getting a Fisker Ocean progress report from the company.

Fisker Experience Center Munich
Fisker Experience Center in Munich, Germany now under construction.

However, this week in Fisker was a bit slow. You probably noticed we took a vacation in Palm Springs if you watched any of our YouTube videos last week.

During this week in Fisker, the company sent out another batch of pre-order invites for the Fisker Ocean One. The company also told us the Munich Fisker Brand Experience Center is now under construction. We received some candid photos from a reader near-by.

It was long overdue, we wrote an article to get to know Magna, the company building the Fisker Ocean. It should give you a better understanding of the company producing Fisker’s first electric vehicle. For example, did you know Magna is the world’s 4th largest automotive parts supplier?

There were also some questions about whether or not we had to select our final Fisker Ocean One configuration. The short answer is no. We will be told by Fisker when we need to do this. We all should get to play with the new next generation configurator before then. It will have high-resolution images to help us decide between paint colors, wheels, and interior options.

Two of our favorite guest contributions this week were the Fisker Ocean Size Comparison and Fisker Ocean key fob. The bizarre thing about the key fob is Fisker’s site says it’s available on all trims, Fisker’s latest Press Kit says it’s only available on Ocean One and Extreme trims, and Fisker Support confirmed the latter. We hope Fisker starts doing a better job keeping documentation across their site and apps fresh and up to date.

And on that note, we look forward to what’s in store next week. (Hint: new photos and videos of Henrik’s Fisker Ocean test vehicle). You can grab a copy of This Week In Fisker to see all the article we published last week.

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  1. The fact that the Fisker ocean won’t qualify for a $7500 rebate is very disappointing I must admit I’m starting to question whether this is a good idea or not I’m now exploring the RAV4 prime SC

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