Revealing an Unexpected Candidate to Star in the Next James Bond Movie

Fisker RŌNIN James Bond Movie

Henrik Fisker’s new supercar is an unexpected candidate to potentially star in the next James Bond movie, and in Hollywood anything is possible.

James Bond - No Time To Die
James Bond – No Time To Die.

The name is Fisker, Henrik Fisker. He is the CEO and chairman of Fisker Inc. He is on a mission to create the world’s most sustainable vehicles. An all-electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean, goes into production in November, and the revolutionary PEAR will be available in 2024.

But there’s another vehicle that will also be revealed in 2024—the Fisker RŌNIN. It’s an all-electric supercar, a grand tourer, a hardtop convertible that flies from 0-60 in two seconds. That’s right, from standstill to 60 miles-per-hour in the time it takes to say, “0-60.”

The car’s graceful lines and shockingly fast performance will place it in the pole position of the supercar category. It will perhaps be Henrik Fisker’s bold statement (or should we say brushstroke?) to show that gas-guzzling sports cars are a thing of the past. 

6 Reasons Why RŌNIN should be chosen for the next James Bond movie

Fisker RŌNIN
Shared by Henrik Fisker, RŌNIN headed to Hollywood.

With news that the Fisker RŌNIN will star in an upcoming action movie, one wonders if it could also appear in the biggest action franchise of them all—James Bond.  

As the world waits to find out who will be carrying the Walther PPK in the next 007 outing, we speculate on the super spy’s new supercar. Here are six reasons why EON Productions, the creator of the Bond movies, should choose the Fisker RŌNIN.

#1 – A car designed by a legend with Bond pedigree

Legendary car designer, Henrik Fisker, has already been the creative force behind two Bond cars. The BMW Z8 Roadster was featured in The World is Not Enough, and the Aston Martin DB9 appeared in Spectre.

Therefore, it seems only right to expect another Fisker-designed sports car to appear in a future Bond movie. The Fisker RŌNIN looks every inch like the car to do that.

#2 – Technology that could help Bond save the world

Thanks to gadget-master Q, James Bond is an early adopter of new technology, and this is key to choosing the right vehicle to tackle some of the world’s most evil supervillains. By this standard, Fisker is out in front.

For example, the RŌNIN will be fully electric from launch day in 2024, with a record-breaking range of around 600 miles. Meanwhile, Bond’s traditional auto brand of choice lacks the same commitment to usher in electric vehicles. Aston Martin is not scheduled to go all-electric until 2030. But that is only the beginning. The RŌNIN is the ultimate gadget car for a secret agent.

Remember the GPS system installed in 007’s Aston Martin’s DB5 in Goldfinger, way back in 1964? That was not standard equipment. It was retro-fitted by Q-branch. In-car navigation systems would not start appearing in production cars until the 1980s, illustrating how far Q has always been ahead of his time.

Fast-forward to 2022, and Fisker is bringing to the market the first cars to feature a jaw-dropping digital imaging radar system.

In theory, Bond could drive his Fisker RŌNIN without lights, at night, straight to a villain’s lair. He would arrive unseen, using radar to navigate. Not only that, but the henchmen patrolling the premises would not hear a thing, thanks to the absence of a gas-powered engine.

Sean Connory as James Bond in Goldfinger.

Alternatively, Bond would be able to tell if enemy agents were hiding around the next corner, or he would be able to instantly identify a single space in a parking lot to hide from villains in hot pursuit. This is not science fiction. This is Fisker-installed equipment, as mind-blowing as GPS seemed back in 1964.

For a secret agent, these features could be the difference between saving the world or not. It is the type of technology that has only been used by the military until now, but Fisker is bringing it into mainstream.

In fact, we wonder if Q is secretly moonlighting at Fisker HQ. It is easy to see why he would choose Fisker over more traditional cars that remain in the slow lane when it comes to breakthrough technology.

#3 – An iconic new supercar for a new Bond era

The next installment of the Bond franchise will feature a new actor to don the tuxedo. Perhaps our favorite super spy needs a new set of wheels to announce his arrival.

The Fisker RŌNIN looks like the ultimate sports car to do that, and it would not be the first time that Bond has switched to another marquee brand.

Remember the Lotus Esprit that was introduced in The Spy who Loved Me? That was the car that famously doubled as a submarine. Lotus was also featured in For Your Eyes Only, six years before the reintroduction of Aston Martin in The Living Daylights.

Therefore, it would not be surprising for Aston Martin to again be replaced by another eyebrow-raising instant classic.

#4 – Everything expected from a Bond car and more

Fisker RONIN Super Car GT Sports Car
First reveal of the Fisker RŌNIN shared by Henrik Fisker.

The RŌNIN is perfectly matched for the needs of a secret agent. It is a supercar that is so fast that it can outpace a category 5 hurricane. As a full four-door, four-seater, it has enough space for Bond to drive Q, M, and Miss Moneypenny in luxury to the MI6 headquarters.

The RŌNIN’s hardtop will be needed for the English weather, and the open-top for more exotic locations. In fact, a car that can rapidly transform its appearance can also provide a cunning disguise when being chased by evil villains.

But the RŌNIN looks every bit like the next Bond car should look. It is masculine, muscular, stylish, sophisticated, and audacious, just like Bond himself, and it has the edginess and prestige that can be expected for a vehicle coming out of the Q-branch workshop.

#5 – The ability to customize vehicles: from the Pope to Bond

Henrik Fisker showing off Pope Mobile.

Fisker has experience in developing customized vehicles for high-profile clients with specific needs.

Last year, for example, Pope Francis held a private audience with Henrik Fisker. His Holiness was enthralled by the car designer’s proposals for a new all-electric popemobile, based on a modified Fisker Ocean and featuring an all-glass cupola.

Of course, 007 has different needs to the Pope. More outrageous modifications to Bond cars include invisibility mode (Die Another Day), ski-outrigger mode (The Living Daylights), and the aforementioned submarine mode. There was even a flying car in The Man with the Golden Gun, although that was driven by the villain, Scaramanga, famous for being a triple-nippled assassin.

Last year, Fisker announced that it was setting up Fisker Magic Works, based in the UK, to focus on low-volume, specialty and custom products, headed up by a former Aston Martin executive. This team surely has the ingenuity and the precision skills to work with EON Productions, to modify the RŌNIN and create a car suited to the more realistic take on Bond that we have seen in recent years.

For example, the smooth lines and low, wide berth of the RŌNIN lend itself to speedboat mode. This is realistic as there are already fully functioning concept cars that can double as speedboats, but they lack the X-factor of the Fisker styling.

Down-to-earth high-tech customization could include an emergency self-driving mode to get an injured Bond out of trouble and back to MI6 HQ.

#6 – Inspired by a movie with its own Bond connection

Robert DeNiro stars in the 1998 hit movie RONIN.

The movie, RŌNIN, which inspired the name of Fisker’s new car has its own James Bond connection.

The 1998 action flick features three actors who had previously played Bond villains (Michael Lonsdale from Moonraker, Sean Bean from Goldeneye, and Jonathan Pryce from Tomorrow Never Dies).

Maybe Bond will keep the Aston Martin after all, and a trio of supervillains will drive the Fisker RŌNIN, but to catch this beast of a car would certainly be Bond’s most challenging mission.

Perhaps Henrik Fisker might be inspired by the PR stunt that Lotus employed to entice the 007 team to consider their car for use in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Lotus simply parked a prototype of an Esprit outside the offices of EON Productions and removed any visible signs of branding.

A curious crowd gathered around the car, including the Bond producers. A sense of mystery had been created as they all speculated about what they were looking at. The rest, as they say, is movie history.

So, if you should happen to see a stunning new supercar parked outside the offices of a small London-based film production company, it is probably a RŌNIN.

Maybe Q will even install the ejector seat, rotating license plates, and machine guns behind the headlamps. All he needs is a new Bond to drive it.

This guest article is written by Trevor Lewis, a Fisker ($FSR) shareholder, a lifelong Bond fan and a Brit, now living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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