Unobstructed Photo of Fisker PEAR

Henrik reveals another photo of the Fisker PEAR, this time without any green glow and shadows obstructing it making it very visible.

Fisker PEAR photo with color adjustment.
Fisker PEAR photo with color adjustment.

Today, we got a look at another new photo of the Fisker PEAR. Earlier today, Henrik Fisker shared one more photo of the company’s second electric vehicle. It was a very similar image as yesterday, but much more visible. This new rendering removes away all the green glow and shadows. It makes this photo of the Fisker PEAR electric vehicle the most visible to date.

In the photo, we have a clear view of the front end all the way into the mid-cabin. This photo definitely reveals the large “jet fighter” windshield Henrik talked about yesterday. The dashboard is big due to the length of the windshield. The seats in the Fisker PEAR have a similar characteristic as the vegan seats in the Fisker Ocean. If you look close, you can see the channel running down the center of each seat.

In Henrik’s post that came with this new photo, he said, “The automotive world is like a Rollercoaster! EV’s are coming! We are in full production development of our PEAR EV (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) that will be built in the US/2024, starting under $30k.” Henrik talked about this yesterday and how they’re working with several glass manufacturers.

Henrik Talking About PEAR

Take a listen to Henrik Fisker talking about the Fisker PEAR electric vehicle. He shares what makes this vehicle revolutionary. Also, he provides an update on where the company is with the vehicle. Our favorite part of this video is at the end where Henrik talks about the Houdini trunk and its disappearing act. Let us know in the comments what you think of this new photo of the Fisker PEAR.

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8 thoughts on “Unobstructed Photo of Fisker PEAR

  1. I have a reservation for the Ocean Extreme but am definitely keeping an eye on the PEAR. I prefer the slightly smaller size. Perhaps I’ll do what Henrik suggested and get one of each for different places. I’m definitely not the target audience though (not young; live in the burbs).

  2. Love this site , Would be cool to read other than fisker stuff once in a while too, like , lordstown,lucid,rivian,aptera….

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