New Fisker PEAR Photos

We’ve discovered new Fisker PEAR photos this morning and the vehicle looks amazing in this photo shoot.

Fisker PEAR prototype shot in Los Angeles, CA.

Today, we get a chance to check out new Fisker PEAR photos and the vehicle impresses. Originally posted on a German media site, these new Fisker PEAR photos give us a much better view of the electric vehicle than the first sighting of the Fisker PEAR video we posted yesterday. However, it was pretty incredible seeing the Fisker PEAR prototype driving in Los Angeles!

The PEAR looks great in these high resolution photos. Like we mentioned yesterday, the front of the vehicle has a nice family resemblance to the Fisker Ocean, but it is much more compact. The PEAR electric vehicle comes in just under 15 feet or 4.55 meters. That is why Henrik refers to it as a “city car.” The PEAR EV has a shorter wheelbase, shorter overhangs, and a different window line than the Fisker Ocean. It looks stunning especially with what appear to be 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels painted in D’Anjou Pear green! ?

Fisker PEAR Interior Design

New Fisker PEAR Interior
Fisker PEAR interior rendering.

In the past, Henrik has described the interior of the vehicle accordingly: “Design-wise, the beltline and side window area are extremely low, with a large, wraparound windscreen affording a commanding view when driving.” In the interior rendering, you can see the glass panels along the upper half of the vehicle. That means every person in the cabin will have a nice view including the driver. The newly released PEAR photos confirm the same thing. This vehicle will offer a lot of glass to take in the view of the city.

Henrik said the design is revolutionary, both interior and exterior, because it will use less parts than a traditional vehicle. As you look at the dashboard, it’s obvious that it is streamlined. Air vents are nowhere to be seen. Door handles hidden. The vehicle’s seats appear to have the same design as the Fisker Ocean with unconventional seams.

Another Segment Leading Vehicle

Previously, the company said the five-passenger PEAR EV will focus on industry firsts. The Fisker PEAR is designed for city dwellers. That is apparent when looking at the surroundings through the interior glass design. Also, Fisker has previously said the PEAR will be available in two configurations. Rear-wheel-drive with a single motor and all-wheel-drive with a dual motor. The Fisker PEAR will offer various option packages which are to be determined. It will offer two battery packs similar to the Fisker Ocean including a larger Hyper Range pack with a range over 310 miles. It will also feature the Fisker SolarSky panoramic roof. This will add 1,500 to 2,000 emissions-free miles each year to the battery. This vehicle will start at $29,900 in the United States before any government tax incentives. Reservations are open for this electric vehicle.

Fisker PEAR Photo Gallery

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7 thoughts on “New Fisker PEAR Photos

  1. Since they obviously gave you the scoop here, did they say if that wraparound windshield was the final angle? It’s less aggressive than the renders for sure and he said there were difficulties with the glass engineering, but are they still trying to wrap around more than this?

    1. Saw your YouTube comment too. Fisker did not give us the scoop. If only it was that easy! With all the camo wrapping it’s hard to see all of the design features. That’s the beauty of using a camo wrap. Most all car companies do this to prevent giving away every design feature.

  2. The back trunk windows look like a different shape and size than the photos from interior we have seen. Do you think part of the windows are covered with camouflage?

    1. Ding, ding, ding…you are correct! If you look close you can see the rear quarter panel has a makeshift window cut out of the camo wrap. Too hard to tell in the first video of the Fisker PEAR, but these photos show there is more to the design. That is done on purpose!!

  3. I assumed the gallery would open if I clicked on pictures at the end of this story, but they won’t on my Chromwbook or Android phone. Did you do that on purpose – restrict viewing to thumbnails?

What are your thoughts?