Henrik Shares New Fisker PEAR Photo

Henrik Fisker shares the most revealing photo of the PEAR to date showing off the front end, windscreen, and roof.

New Fisker PEAR Interior
Fisker PEAR interior with wrap around windscreen.

Today, we saw the new Fisker PEAR photo shared by Henrik after the Q2 2022 earnings call. Henrik shared what we believe is the most revealing photo of the PEAR electric vehicle to date. Henrik said, “PEAR Wrap around windscreen! Multiple innovations never seen on a production car before! The Fisker PEAR will start under $30k and begin production in the US 2024!”

In the photo, you can see an aerial shot of the vehicle. The front end has similar characteristics to the Fisker OCEAN. The PEAR has a wrap around windscreen. You can see glass from the front of the cabin all the way to the very rear of the vehicle. This is the best photo we’ve seen to date that shows the SolarSky Roof on the Fisker PEAR. Basically, it looks like the windshield glass directly transitions into the roof. While this is just an image rendering, there is the first time we’ve seen a greenish pear-like paint color in the Fisker lineup.

Yesterday, Fisker said the PEAR program is on track to be produced in 2024. The company confirmed Fisker PEAR will be using the Fisker-developed SLV1 platform. Fisker PEAR will be manufactured by Foxconn in North America. Foxconn owns a new electric vehicle factory in Lordstown, Ohio. Fisker PEAR will be one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market in 2024. For instance, PEAR will have a $29,900 starting price before any government incentives. Fisker said the company now has over 4,000 PEAR reservations.

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