Fisker PEAR Patent Reveals Design

Fisker PEAR Design

New Fisker patent applications surface showing innovative storage features on the Fisker PEAR at the same time revealing the exterior design.

New Fisker PEAR Photo
Fisker PEAR image showing off the exterior design.

Today, we wanted to share with you a new Fisker IP discovery we posted last night to Fiskerati Forums. We found a couple new patent applications online. One patent application was for the SlipStream wheel design and another was for storage on the Fisker PEAR. The latter patent application discovery sheds light on more than just innovative storage features.

The patent application focuses on front and rear storage of the urban mobility device. It describes what Fisker calls, “front storage and rear window gate retraction features.” When Fisker announced the innovative storage feature he referred to it as the Houdini trunk because it disappeared. In the exemplary illustrations, you can see the front of the PEAR design offers a front drawer and the rear provides a rear gate that extends to access storage.

The best part of the storage patent filing are the exemplary illustrations of what appears to be the mysterious Fisker PEAR. The design is very similar to what we’ve seen in teaser photos of the electric vehicle. These illustrations leave a lot to the imagination as they are low-fidelity specifically meant for patent applications. Nevertheless, they are pretty cool to see in advance of the real deal.

If you recall, Henrik Fisker said the team is currently working full speed on redefining how to make an inexpensive car. The Fisker PEAR will be radically new and different. They are reducing parts to make the EV simpler, adding technology and unique features to replace tradition. At the time, Henrik said he expected to show a PEAR prototype earlier than he originally stated. Maybe Henrik knew this patent application would surface before the end of the year or he has something else up his sleeve. ???

In Fisker’s words…

Disclosed are improved features of a vehicle including a front storage access feature and a rear storage access feature. The front storage access feature includes a front drawer including a front display panel. The front display panel can be between a front left light and a rear left light.The front drawer can be configured to extend to allow access to a front storage area. The front drawer can be configured to retract to close access to a front storage area and form a front-facing surface. The rear access storage access feature includes a rear gate including a rear display panel. The rear display panel can be between a rear left light and a rear right light. The rear gate can be configured to extend to retract to allow access to a rear storage area.

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