Fisker PEAR, a Mass Market EV, Coming in 2024

Fisker Pear

The Fisker PEAR will be a mass market electric vehicle made in the USA. The EV is priced at $29,900. Projected to sell 250,000 units per year.

As you know by now, Fisker is working on a new electric vehicle for the mass market. Fisker is creating a new breakthrough EV segment with the Fisker PEAR. PEAR stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. The second EV designed by Fisker will have a radical design. It will be like nothing we’ve seen before. The Fisker PEAR will be a compact five-passenger crossover. It will fit below the Ocean in Fisker’s lineup.

The company is actively working on this EV right now. Fisker has created a proprietary development process. This process allows Fisker to bring new electric vehicles to market at a fast pace compared to traditional auto manufacturers. PEAR Program milestones already achieved include exterior design freeze. Critical sourcing is underway. Fisker has begun securing chipset and semiconductor contracts through Foxconn.

Made in the United States for a global audience

Fisker and Foxconn will jointly develop the PEAR in the United States. Foxconn is well-known for manufacturing Apple’s iPhone. The Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer has acquired the Lordstown Motors vehicle assembly plant in Ohio. Foxconn will use this EV factory previously owned by GM to build the Fisker PEAR.

Fisker will sell the Fisker PEAR under the Fisker brand. This new EV will have a starting price of $29,900 in the US before taxes and incentives. Fisker is looking to build as many as 250,000 units annually for global sale. This would generate $7.5 billion in sales for Fisker and Foxconn.

The EV will be available to consumers in North America, Europe, China, and India. Production of the PEAR will start in 2024. Other global manufacturing sites are under study for future production. This supports the projected annual volumes of more than 250,000 units across multiple sites.

Reserve your Fisker PEAR now

Fisker announced last week that it already has 40,000 reservations for the Fisker Ocean. The company is ahead of its goal of having well over 50,000 reservations by the time the Fisker Ocean starts production in November 2022. We believe Fisker PEAR will be a hit like the Fisker Ocean. While Fisker projects 250k units/year for PEAR, it won’t be at this capacity in its first year of production. Fisker PEAR will be sold out through 2024 and most of 2025.

Furthermore, the Fisker PEAR is available at an affordable price point. That’s even without government subsidies. At $29,900, we predict this vehicle to generate a lot of fleet sales especially with car rental companies. You will want to get your reservation in before all the corporations placing fleet orders. If you plan to transition to an affordable electric vehicle within the next two years we suggest reserving your Fisker PEAR now.

Fisker has kept the Fisker PEAR in disguise in every photo shared. There is a bit of mystery around the compact five-passenger crossover. For example, check out the photo below with the tiny print on the roof of the PEAR. We know the PEAR appears to have a lot of glass around the upper half of the EV. The front of the EV has a short hood, the rear has a hatchback look. We’ve put together some of our favorite photos shared by the company and Henrik Fisker.

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1 thought on “Fisker PEAR, a Mass Market EV, Coming in 2024

  1. I hope Mr. Fisker knows the General Motors has a working relationship with a Chinese auto maker and the joint venture already has a 4 passenger all electric city/urban vehicle with a range of 150 to 190 miles that is in production and is popular in China. One slight problem, the vehicle is not available for sale in the USA. The price for this vehicle is $13,900 American in China!! I do not mind paying a slight premium for a vehicle made in the USA. MR, Fisker money is like manure, you have to spread it out to do any good! I love onshore manufacturing and the opportunity for good paying jobs. I wish you the best and please give us more info on the PEAR. Help fill the vacuum for an entry level all electric city/urban car!!! Blessings, Freddie Winters

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