Exclusive: New Fisker PEAR Photo

New Fisker PEAR Photo

Henrik Fisker shares an exclusive photo of the Fisker PEAR with us today during a sit down interview to get the latest updates.

We get a first look at a new Fisker PEAR photo during our sit down with Henrik Fisker earlier today
We get a first look at a new Fisker PEAR photo during our sit down with Henrik Fisker earlier today.

Today, we had a chance to sit down and talk with Henrik Fisker, the Chairman & CEO of Fisker Inc. We discussed many things in the sit down interview.

Henrik shared the latest details about Fisker Ocean One, visiting the Magna factory next month, pop-up locations, and much more.

We spent some time talking about the Fisker PEAR. He shared some new details about the company’s second electric vehicle including an exclusive photo of the Fisker PEAR.

Revolutionary Fisker PEAR

Henrik surprised us this morning with a brand new photo of the Fisker PEAR. We got a first look of it before anyone. This exclusive new photo of the Fisker PEAR is an ariel shot of the electric vehicle’s front end with a green glow. The photo reveals an extremely large glass windshield, dashboard, steering column, mirrors, SolarSky Roof, and a portion of the electric vehicle’s side. This may be the most revealing photo of the Fisker PEAR we’ve seen to date.

Working Backwards

We asked Henrik, what type of revolutionary vehicle will the Fisker PEAR be? He told us his company designed the vehicle in a very unique way. Henrik had his entire user experience (UX) team, over 40 people, go investigate how young people live in major cities around the world. He wanted to find out what they would want to have in a private car and what they desire for their private mobility needs.

The UX team came up with loads of user scenarios. For example, you go to gym, have a yoga mat or gym bag, pick up a pizza, get groceries, etc. The team thought about how much you drive per day and how difficult it is to park in major cities. As a result, the team worked backwards creating a solution for vehicle ownership in major cities around the world.

An Affordable EV for Everyone

Henrik wants this vehicle to be high-volume and attainable for everyone with a starting price below $30,000. That means it won’t be as luxurious as the Fisker Ocean, or have as large of a battery pack, but it will be an amazing vehicle for the city. It will be a smaller vehicle with less performance. However, it won’t be a tiny vehicle, because they don’t do that well according to Henrik. The Fisker PEAR will have a “certain presence” about it on the road with its extremely modern design and unique set of features.

Making PEAR a Reality

Henrik and his design team wanted to give drivers a great view by designing a wrap-around window that you can see in the exclusive new photo. Henrik shared that it is super difficult to make this type of windshield glass.

The company is currently talking to many different glass manufacturers about how to make this type of glass windshield. The Fisker team is making some small changes right now to the curvature of the glass to tool up for manufacturing. Henrik said they have some solutions and this concept should make it into production.

Fisker has signed off on the concept phase. Both the exterior and interior design are done including overall proportions. The Fisker team has just decided on battery sizes and powertrain, and different variations for the PEAR electric vehicle.

Fisker PEAR Batteries

Henrik believes as we end up getting more adoption of electric vehicles, customers will own two electric vehicles, each for different use cases. For example, a family will own one Fisker Ocean and one Fisker PEAR. The Fisker Ocean will be for super long trips where a long range battery is needed, whereas the Fisker PEAR will be for city driving and shorter commutes away from the house.

However, Fisker will be offering the PEAR with two battery range options including the Hyper Range battery for customers that need a longer range option. He foresees people who have a second EV not needing a large battery if they use it for day-to-day city driving. Henrik said there is no need to carry around a large expensive battery everywhere you go. That said, Fisker is looking into super fast charging since the PEAR will be a city car.

He said that some people in the city may not have garages to park and charge their vehicle. They will be using third-party charging stations, including fast chargers. The company is looking to innovate around the batteries offered in the Fisker PEAR. Fisker wants to give customers the ability to obtain a full charge in less than 15 minutes. That way Fisker PEAR owners won’t have to spend too much time at charging stations.

The Houdini Trunk

Then, Henrik talked about the non-traditional vehicle and its “Houdini” trunk. We shared a laugh when he was asked if he likes Harry Houdini. He said the trunk was named after Houdini for his disappearing act, which Henrik likes. The PEAR trunk was named for the way it “magically disappears.” Tall people won’t bump their head on it or in many cities it will allow customers to access it in tight spaces. You can see for yourself by watching the full interview with Henrik Fisker now.

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: New Fisker PEAR Photo

  1. Just placed my reservation after seeing this video(was already planning to, then saw this on my news feed). I specially liked their idea that not everyone needs long range and wants to pay for all that battery if they’d never use it. secretly hoping for a hopped up rally version like the hinted at off road Ocean.
    The only way I can think of the Houdini trunk is some kind of garage door like mechanism, I at first thought it would disappear by rolling down below the vehicle but he just said that even something touching the bumper wouldn’t impede it, so maybe to the sides?

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