Your Fisker Ocean Will Come with Reclaimed Fishing Nets, Old T-Shirts, & Recycled Plastic Bottles

What do reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed plastics have in common? They make up the high-grade sustainable fully vegan interior of the Fisker Ocean.

The Fisker Ocean is the most world’s most sustainable electrical vehicle. Earth-friendly with ethically sourced and recycled materials throughout. The premium upholstery, carpets, and interior use recycled and renewed plastics. By using recycled materials wherever possible, Fisker lowers the carbon footprint of manufacturing the interior fabrics used within the Fisker Ocean.

Eco-friendly interior

The spacious five-passenger Fisker Ocean EV has a fully vegan interior. The SUV uses up-cycled materials, including reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed rubber. It uses 100% polycarbonate and polyurethane surfaces with 100% reinforced Rayon backing. The vegan interior meets stringent chemical emission limits for various VOCs such as formaldehyde. Simply put, the interior of the Fisker Ocean is eco-friendly.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

The company will reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible making the Fisker Ocean the world’s most sustainable electric vehicle. The carpeting in the Fisker Ocean uses regenerated nylon made from abandoned fishing net waste pulled from oceans and aquaculture. Recycled plastic bottles and polyester fibers, such as old t-shirts, will make up the eco-suede interior. Even rubber waste from tire production will be re-used in the Fisker Ocean.

Minimal impact on Mother Earth

The CO2 neutral electric vehicle factory will have the lowest levels of polluting emissions and energy consumption throughout the entire production cycle. This allows Fisker to save impressive amounts of energy, which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions. For example, using recycled polyester can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80%. Fisker guarantees the Fisker Ocean will be the most eco-sustainable electric vehicle on the market.

Beautifully designed interior

The sustainable vegan interior looks nothing like you could have ever imagined from using reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed plastics. We believe it is absolutely beautiful, warm, and sleek. The Fisker Ocean has three interior color options to choose from. Black Abyss comes standard on the Fisker Ocean Sport. Sea Salt is optional on the Fisker Ocean Ultra and Extreme. MaliBlue is optional on the Fisker Ocean Extreme and standard on the Fisker Ocean One.

  • Black Abyss with a dark metallic accent (Standard on Sport)
  • Sea Salt with bright metallic accent (Optional on Ultra and Extreme)
  • MaliBlu with bright metallic accent (Optional on Extreme; Standard on One)
  • Fisker Ocean Interior Black Abyss
  • Fisker Ocean Interior Black Abyss Front Center
  • Fisker Ocean MaliBlu Side View
  • Fisker Ocean MaliBlu Center View
  • Fisker Ocean Interior Sea Salt
  • Fisker Ocean Interior Sea Salt Front Center

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