Your Fisker Ocean Order Status Has Changed

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Fisker Ocean One customers have received an automated email over the past 24 hours confirming their order status changed.

Fisker Ocean One Order Status Confirmed
Fisker Ocean One Order Status Confirmed.

Today, a lot of customers received an email from Fisker titled, “Ocean One Order Status Update.” Apparently, Fisker has automatically changed your order status from the pre-order phase to order phase.

Fisker says, “You are one step closer to owning your Fisker Ocean One.” We wouldn’t make too much of this email communication. This appears to be more of a system update than anything. As the email says, you don’t need to do a thing.

When we log into our Fisker account we don’t see any real changes to the order status of our Fisker Ocean One, but there are changes to our second Fisker Ocean pre-order.

In Fisker’s words…

We've Updated Your Pre-Order Status 

Congratulations! Your pre-order status has auto updated from the pre-order phase to the order phase. You are one step closer to owning your Fisker Ocean One. No further action is required from you at this time. Thank you for joining us in our mission to Build the World’s Most Sustainable Vehicle

Our Second Fisker Ocean Pre-Order

There are however new changes displaying for our second Fisker Ocean pre-order. However, there is some good and bad news about these changes. The status now reads, “Confirmed.” Previously, there was a message at the top of the screen for US customers that read, “You may have noticed the ‘Order’ button has been removed. Rest easy, if you ordered an Ocean, your order is confirmed. We are updating your account to reflect your new firm order status. No further action is required from you at this time.” That message at the top of the screen has been removed.

The most noticeable change in our account to our second Fisker Ocean pre-order is the word “SPORT”. That word now appears next to “Fisker Ocean” in uppercase letters. We’ve seen screenshots from other customers that now see “ULTRA” and “EXTREME”. However, we are seeing some issues with this auto-update to our second pre-order.

Fisker, we have a problem!

Fisker Ocean Order Status
Fisker Ocean Order Status.

Firstly, the reservation date of our second Fisker Ocean was actually August 7th. It displays September 27, 2020. Our second reservation appears to have taken on the same date as our first Fisker Ocean reservation.

Secondly, the order date appears to be off by a day. Our Fisker Ocean Sport was pre-ordered on August 7, 2022. If you recall, we reserved the Fisker Ocean Sport the same date as we pre-ordered. We even wrote an article about how to pre-order your Fisker Ocean right now the very next day, which includes screenshots.

Thirdly, this was our second reservation which cost us $100. Fisker has only charged our credit card once in the amount of $100, not $250 as listed under the Order Fee. We were expecting Fisker to either display an Order Fee of $100 or charge our credit card an additional $150 to make up the difference. Neither has happened at this point.

Fourthly, our account shows a blue exclamation point under the Reservations menu option. That’s probably to indicate something changed, but it isn’t super clear giving some customers anxiety. Maybe that should be a tooltip (e.g., Your order has been automatically updated) or removed altogether.

Lastly, the Reservations page and order status using the Fisker website displays different details than using the Fisker Flexee app. No matter where a customers checks their reservations or order status, the details should be the same.

Technical Issues Getting Corrected

Good news! We reached out to the Fisker team about these technical issues that may appear in your account like ours. They told us that they are aware of the technical issues. The Fisker software development team is taking care of them. We will let you know when they are addressed.

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4 thoughts on “Your Fisker Ocean Order Status Has Changed

  1. I recv’d that email on sept 4th at 10:17pm, my account shows no problem and my correct reservation all the way back on Jan 18, 2020…whow nearly 3 years, hope I’m near the first to get the “tesla terminator”.

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