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Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022

Fisker Ocean One customers now see lock-in dates in their account as the company nears official start of production this November.

Today, Fisker Ocean One customers woke up to good news. Some customers who pre-ordered their Fisker Ocean One received an email titled, “Ocean One Build Confirmation” with lock-in dates. However, all customers who pre-ordered Fisker Ocean One are now seeing lock-in dates within their Fisker account. You can view your lock-in date within Order Details of your Fisker account. The message displayed says, Your Build will be locked in on MM/DD/YYYY.Ability to edit build expiries: MM/DD/YYYY.

On September 13th Fisker updated customer accounts with subtext which reads, “Build lock dates are estimated and subject to change. Final build lock dates will be confirmed via email two weeks prior to locking.”

Plot of Fisker Ocean One Lock Dates from new poll
Plot of Fisker Ocean One Lock Dates from new poll.

On Fiskerati Forums, we’ve seen reports of lock-in dates ranging from September 19th, 2022 through March 27, 2023. All lock-in dates we’ve seen appear to fall on Mondays. In a new poll with 159 respondents, it indicates more than 52% of Ocean One customers have a lock-in date in March 2023. Furthermore, about 15% of Ocean One customers have a lock-in date in 2022, which includes 3.7% of lock-ins falling in either September or October. Based on lock-in dates, many customers are now speculating when their Fisker Ocean Ones will be delivered!

What is a Fisker Ocean lock-in date?

Fisker Ocean MaliBlu Interior
Fisker Ocean MaliBlu Interior.

As we rapidly approach start of production in November, Fisker is in the process of making updates to accounts. On the date specified in your account, the build configuration you have selected will be locked in. That way your order can be formally submitted to Magna, the company producing the Fisker Ocean.

Basically, the lock-in date is when your Fisker Ocean build is no longer changeable. This means you will need to make your final selection of color, wheels, and interior before the specified lock-in date. Also, you’ll need to select any Fisker Ocean accessories you want delivered with your electric SUV. Once the lock-in date is reached, your Fisker Ocean will be placed into the production queue.

Ocean One customers are now referring to this as the “lock-in date” or “lock date”. Up until this lock-in date, Fisker Ocean customers will have the ability to change their pre-order configuration. When Fisker Ocean One opened for pre-ordering in early July, the company said they would notify us in advance of the date upon which our configuration becomes a “firm and final order”. It appears the earliest build confirmation notification was sent last night.

In Fisker’s words…

Last night, Fisker customers who pre-ordered Ocean One first were notified about their lock-in date with an option to change their build. With a subject, “Ocean One Build Confirmation“, the email communication sent to specific customers included the following details:

We Have Great News [Your Name]

We are finalizing your Fisker Ocean one vehicle build with the team at our carbon-neutral manufacturing facility on September 19, 2022 12 AM PT. If you're happy with your current build in your account, you're all set! We require no further action from you at this time.

If you would like to view or make changes to your current build, you can do so by clicking the "Edit Build" button below. Please submit any changes before September 19, 2022 12 AM PT. After that date, we will not be able to accept further changes.

Your Order:
2023 Fisker Ocean One
Exterior Color: [selection]
Interior Color: [selection]
Wheels: [selection]
Accessories [selection]

Your Final Fisker Ocean Build

Our final section for the Fisker Ocean One ahead of our lock-in date on October 10, 2022.
Our final section for the Fisker Ocean One ahead of our lock-in date on October 10, 2022.

Now, you may be wondering about making your final selection of color, wheels, and interior for your Fisker Ocean One. Many customers including us were waiting for the next generation configurator. This new Fisker Ocean configurator is expected in October 2022 ahead of production starting in November.

Many of us were hoping that new configurator would remove any indecision around finalizing our Fisker Ocean One build. However, it appears a small percentage of Ocean One customers will not be able to use the 3D configurator. Depending on when it is released in October, roughly 3 to 5% of customers will need to finalize their Ocean One build without using the new configurator.

As you can see in the screenshot above, our lock-in date is October 10, 2022. That means we went ahead and finalized our Fisker Ocean build this morning. We are sticking with our original color, wheels, and interior selections. We’re going with Great White, 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels, and Black Abyss interior. We’ve also changed up our accessories with a final selection of a carpet floor mat set, roadside safety kit, and key fob.

We reached out to Fisker for comment about the next generation configurator, lock-in dates, and delivery timing. Fisker told us their teams are actively working on addressing the questions we raised. We will update this story if we hear anything new. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the lock-in dates, what options you’ll choose for your final build, and when you think your Fisker Ocean One will be delivered.

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7 thoughts on “Your Fisker Ocean Lock-In Date

  1. For me it‘s so much about the quality of the current configurator, but about the completeness.
    E.g. a tow-bar is not yet available. What other options are missing?

  2. Mar 27, 2023 here.

    Does anyone know if this means we can get access to the 2023 colors? I would actually be completely fine with my order being later in queue if it meant I could get Matte Black or Stealth Green.

  3. I didn’t get an email. I just logged into my account and I don’t see a lock in date. I received an email confirmation that I’m in the order phase.

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