Will the Fisker Ocean Be Your First Electric Vehicle?

Let us know if the Fisker Ocean will be your first electric vehicle to help shape a new video series around EV ownership.

Today, we want to find out how many future Fisker Ocean owners will be new to electric vehicle ownership. After seeing the lines of people checking out the Fisker Ocean in NYC, we wonder if EV ownership will be new for many reservation holders. Will the Fisker Ocean be your first electric vehicle? Take the poll now to participate.

Fisker Ocean at NYC pop-up location in Brooklyn this past weekend.

We want to find out what percentage of the community will be new to EV ownership with the purchase of a Fisker Ocean. After taking the poll, let us know if you’ll be replacing a gasoline motor vehicle, electric vehicle, or simply buying another vehicle for you or your family. Also, feel free to post any questions you have about being a future EV owner either in the comments below or on Fiskerati Forums. 

We plan to produce a new video series around EV ownership, tailored specifically to the Fisker Ocean. By answering this question, and providing your feedback, you will help shape this upcoming video series. Your participation and feedback will help guide the creation of the video series and future episodes. The video series will debut next month on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel to be notified when new episodes air.

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7 thoughts on “Will the Fisker Ocean Be Your First Electric Vehicle?

  1. We had a Prius V which we gave to our daughter. My beautiful wife and I share a New Chrysler Pacifica hybrid. The Ocean One will be our first ev. Two of our boys drive Teslas

  2. Yes, Fisker Ocean will be the first EV. Awayting this famous car in Austria – the future starts with Ocean One.

  3. If he stop removing feature from Ultra.. I’m about to cancel my ordre, all activ steering and he think people that are poor that only have 50000dollars, live in hot country, because no winter packed, that is simply standart in a Toyota yago to 8000..
    Now he has removed 3d view and park function what next, will there be seat in the ultra or does he think we can stand up while drive manual with all activ hardware shut off.

What are your thoughts?