Will Fisker Offer Free Charging?

Fisker Ocean Charging

You may be wondering if Fisker will offer free charging when you purchase a Fisker Ocean and we have the answer for you.

Today, we are going to dive into whether or not your Fisker Ocean will come with free charging. You might be wondering as some people keep talking about it. Especially, after the latest Fisker Earnings call. After reviewing the latest investor presentation and listening to the earnings call again it’s quite clear where things stand.

One-Year Free Charging

As things currently stand, Fisker will offer one-year of free charging for some customers. Fisker partnered and made a strategic investment in Allego, which operates a network of more than 28,000 charge points across Europe. Fisker Ocean customers in Europe that take delivery between January 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024 will receive one-year of free charging on the Allego network. However, the company hasn’t said whether or not a similar offering will be available for customers in North America.

Where Things Stand

Allego Charging Network
Allego Charging Network in Europe.

Earlier this week on the Fisker earnings call, management was asked about free charging in the United States. An analyst wanted to know whether or not there was a similar kind of relationship with a charging company in the United States like Fisker has with Allego.

Geeta was the one who responded to the question. She said the company has a deep relationship with Allego. Geeta continued by saying Fisker is doing the same thing here in the United States as well. However, she was not ready to announce any charging network partners at this time. She did say that an announcement will be coming in the days and weeks to follow.

Also, Geeta gave a breakdown of where things stand today with Fisker and charging. She shared the company is following a three step plan around their charging solution for Fisker Ocean customers. Right now, Fisker is doing all three of these steps. Here is what Geeta said about where things stand with charging companies in relation to the Fisker Ocean.

Step 1: Display charging stations worldwide

Geeta began by sharing Fisker’s first step of the plan. Fisker has a partnership with a company to display all charging stations throughout the world on the Fisker Ocean’s 17.1″ touchscreen. She didn’t say who this partnership is with, but there are quite a few companies that aggregate this data. For example, EVgo offers this service through their subsidiary PlugShare. We said Fisker should partner with EVgo a while back since they share a similar mission.

Step 2: Integrate third-party charging station software

Geeta went on to talk about step two of the company’s plan. This step requires Fisker to integrate a PlugShare-like service into the software that will run on the company’s 17.1″ touchscreen. Additionally, Geeta said the company is also going to integrate this charging infrastructure service into their web app. That would allow Fisker customers to search for charging stations in their area without using the touchscreen in the Fisker Ocean. Currently, the company is in the process of completing this integration.

Step 3: Make deals with charging station networks

The third step in the process that Geeta shared is making deals with charging station companies. When Fisker makes a deal with a charging station network, they will aim to get Fisker Ocean customers the best possible pricing for charging. For customers in North America, or the United States in particular, this may mean free charging for one-year like European customers will get with their Fisker Ocean. However, there hasn’t been any announcements about one-year of free charging for Fisker Ocean customers in North America. However, US customers may get something…

Electrify America

Fisker Electrify America Charging Station
Electrify America Charging Station in North America.

Fisker is smart to offer customers one-year of free charging throughout the world. However, it doesn’t actually mean they will offer the same benefit in each region. We know for certain they will offer one-year of free charging in Europe through Allego if activated before March 31st, 2024. Yet there is a big question mark about how much free charging, if any, will be offered in the United States or Canada.

Interestingly enough, Fisker does have a partnership with Electrify America which they announced on December 12, 2019. There was a line from the press release that states, “Fisker customers will enjoy automatic recognition of the vehicle at Electrify America charging stations, a free miles package from Fisker and the ability to find charging stations through the Fisker Flexee mobile app.”

Since this announcement, we haven’t heard too much about the “free miles package” that might be offered through Electrify America. Maybe this is what Geeta was referring to when she said that more details will be announced in the coming weeks? Let’s hope so as the Fisker Ocean will end up becoming even more attractive to potential customers. As a results, we will end up seeing Fisker Ocean reservations get a nice boost.

Home Charging

Fisker also disclosed on the earnings call they have identified their partner for EV home charging installation. Geeta, who shared this information, wasn’t clear if this same company would actually sell the EV home chargers. However, we do know that Fisker will allow customers to finance home charging solutions through Fisker Finance. Geeta went on to say that Fisker will announce its EV home charging partner in the coming weeks. While we wait, you can join the others talking about home charging.

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