Why You Should Wait for the Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

You could purchase an electric vehicle already on the market, but here are the Top 3 Reasons to wait for the Fisker Ocean.

Get into your Fisker Ocean

Today, there are dozens of electric vehicles on the market. You could purchase any one right now instead of waiting for the Fisker Ocean.

The first Fisker Ocean deliveries will begin shortly after start of production in November. However, if you’re a recent reservation holder you will need to wait until 2023 or 2024 to purchase a Fisker Ocean. It all depends on the Fisker Ocean trim level you desire.

You could get your hands on a Fisker Ocean Extreme sooner, rather than an Ocean Ultra or Sport later. If you’re holding out for an Ocean Ultra or Sport, it will be worth the wait. Aside from price and range, here are the top three reasons to wait for your Fisker Ocean.

#1 Fisker Ocean Design

Cruising in your Fisker Ocean

The first reason, the aesthetic design of the Fisker Ocean. It is the most beautiful electric vehicle to hit the market later this year. Fisker Ocean was designed as a true modern SUV, rather than a crossover. Both the exterior and interior design of this EV were given the utmost care and attention by Fisker designers.

The Fisker Ocean’s beautiful and timeless exterior wraps a thoughtful and spacious interior. Compared to other EVs on the market today, the contours, proportions, and lines of the Fisker Ocean flow together in perfect harmony. Much like the ocean waves crashing on the beach. It’s something you can look at and admire forever.

#2 Fisker Ocean Sustainability

Fisker Ocean Vegan Interior

The second reason, sustainability of the Fisker Ocean and a clean future for all. Enough with supporting companies whose products harm our planet. While there are a lot of manufacturers of electric vehicles, none of them are building a product whose core mission is to create the world’s most sustainable vehicles.

It’s not just some marketing gimmick either. The Fisker Ocean uses earth-friendly and ethically sourced recycled materials throughout the interior. Inside the Fisker Ocean, you’ll find recycled and renewed plastics. They are what make up the upholstery, carpets, and interior. For example, the eco-friendly suede interior uses recycled plastic bottles and polyester fibers.

It doesn’t stop with using recycled and renewed materials. The Fisker Ocean is manufactured in a climate-friendly factory. Driving any electric vehicle is good for Mother Earth. However, waiting for one that is made with our planet in mind is best of all. Fisker is balancing the human desire for mobility with the needs of preserving our planet.

#3 Fisker Ocean Innovation

Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

Lastly, the third reason, innovation inside and outside the Fisker Ocean. Whether you’re purchasing the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, or Sport, you can be certain it will offer an innovative experience. Your Fisker Ocean will be accessible to the internet on its 17.1″ display or through the Fisker app on your mobile phone. This will unlock a whole host of different experiences from entertainment to connecting with the Fisker concierge service. Fisker is re-thinking the way you interact with your vehicle, regardless of whether you purchase the high-end or entry level trim. Waiting until 2023 or 2024 will be worth the wait for the innovative experience Fisker has in store for us.

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