Why the Fisker Ocean Was in London

We now have information regarding the reason for the delivery of the Fisker Ocean to Central London at the end of January.

An enclosed trailer transported the Fisker Ocean to Central London in January 2023.
An enclosed trailer transported the Fisker Ocean to Central London in January 2023.

Today, we discovered the reason behind the appearance of the Fisker Ocean in London at the end of January. It was for a photoshoot and one of the best interviews with Henrik Fisker that we’ve ever read. This morning a photo of Henrik Fisker appeared in The Sunday Times. He was standing in front of the 45 Park Lane Hotel in Central London. Henrik was with none other than that Fisker Ocean. It was the same electric SUV with a Silver Lining exterior and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels.

The Fisker Ocean photos, which caused quite a stir, surfaced online nearly two months ago. The transporter photographed the enclosed transport carrying the Fisker Ocean as it crossed the Westminster Bridge past Big Ben in the dark. At a later time, under cloudy weather conditions, the Fisker Ocean was unloaded from the enclosed trailer. The transporter who carried the electric SUV into Central London posted photos on social media. The caption on the photos read, “Special delivery to London for Henrik Fisker.”

The Sunday Times article features an extensive interview with the renowned designer. It shares Henrik’s story about creating the Fisker Ocean after departing Aston Martin to “pursue his electric SUV dream.” The interview was accompanied by the “special delivery” for The Times article. The article discusses several topics, including the design and features of the Fisker Ocean, Henrik’s experiences at BMW and Aston Martin, and the implications of operating as a publicly traded company. Henrik also shares about the challenges of building a car company.

Reimagining a car company

According to Henrik Fisker, the automotive industry is perhaps the most challenging in the world. Henrik goes on to compare building a car to an airplane. For instance, he believes that cars are possibly the most difficult products to make, even more so than planes. Unlike planes, which are operated by trained pilots, anyone can purchase a car and drive it in any condition and weather without any supervision.

Henrik talked about the company’s business model and compared it to that of Apple in terms of production. He said, “I looked at Apple — they don’t make their own products; they own the IP. And that’s kind of what we do. We are not here to prove we can manufacture a car; we want to prove we can make the world’s most sustainable and desirable electric car.”

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