Who Will Buy a Fisker Ocean Before Visiting a Fisker Brand Experience Center

Fisker Ocean

More than 50% of Fisker Ocean reservation holders will purchase their electric vehicle without visiting an experience center.

According to a recent poll, not all Fisker Ocean reservation holders will need to visit a Fisker Experience Center to complete their electric vehicle purchase. We asked our Twitter followers a single question. “Will you complete your purchase of the Fisker Ocean without first visiting a Fisker Brand Experience Center?”

The results are in…

We’ve recently updated the poll. The results are even more favorable now. Less consumers need to visit a Fisker Brand Experience Center before purchasing a Fisker Ocean. For instance, more than half of respondents said they will purchase a Fisker Ocean sight unseen. 58.5% of respondents said they would complete their purchase without visiting a Fisker Experience Center. 23.1% said no and 18.5% said maybe. Sample size of 65 respondents.

Poll results a positive sign for Fisker

The first Fisker Experience Centers will be located in Los Angeles. These physical stores will be the first time many prospective customers will get to interact with the Fisker brand. Fisker Brand Experience Centers will follow in Munich, London, New York, Miami and Copenhagen. That means most reservation holders will not be within driving distance of an experience center.

As a matter of fact, these poll results are good news for Fisker. The company can save capital by building Fisker Experience Centers in only major metropolitan areas. This is their strategy to date and it aligns with our poll results.

Company on track to hit reservation goal

Currently, Fisker is on track to beat a company goal of 50,000 Fisker Ocean reservations by start of production. Production starts in November 2022. Fisker has nearly 8-months to achieve their company goal. Fisker no longer breaks out reservation numbers for each of its electric vehicles, the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR.

Reservation numbers have been growing by leaps and bounds. On the February 17th earnings call, the company had 32,408 reservations. Then, on February 28th, Fisker reported more than 33,000 reservations. However, we believe Fisker has closer to 35k to 36k reservations right now.

Potential revenue is growing

Today, nearly $1 billion in sales can be generated without the need of Fisker Experience Centers. The company will generate $907.5 million in revenue with an average selling price of $55,000. Simple math: 33,000 / 2 = 16,500 * $55,000. However, reservation and conversion numbers will keep growing.

With gas prices at $4.331 today, less reservation holders will opt to visit a Fisker Experience Center in November. In fact, Fisker won’t have a tough time selling every Fisker Ocean they can manufacturer if gas prices keep rising. You can reserve your Fisker Ocean now for a 2023 delivery or Fisker PEAR for a 2024 delivery.

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