When Your Fisker Ocean Will Ship

Your Fisker Ocean by the Pacific Ocean!

Reservation holders may wonder when their Fisker Ocean electric SUV will ship and we’ve got new details when it will be delivered.

Fisker Ocean

You reserved a Fisker Ocean. Now, you’ve been wondering when you’ll be able to take delivery of your electric SUV. We have good news for you.

Fisker released new information about when your Fisker Ocean will be delivered. Starting October 31, 2022, the company will provide an estimated delivery window when your preferred Fisker Ocean model will ship. This will be helpful for all Fisker Ocean reservation holders.

It doesn’t matter whether you reserved a Fisker Ocean in 2019 or yesterday. At the end of October, the company will make it clear to reservation holders when their Fisker Ocean model will be shipped. That way, reservation holders can begin to plan accordingly.

Determining when each Fisker Ocean will ship

Most of us know Fisker has over 45,000 reservations for their first electric vehicle. The company needs to figure out the conversion rate of their reservation holders. This will allow them to accurately determine when your Fisker Ocean will be delivered. That’s why the company will provide an estimated delivery window vs. a specific date.

The company will first begin contacting early reservation holders in July, when Ocean One pre-orders open. Then they’ll move down the line to see who wants to firm up their purchase. They need to figure out how many reservation holders in the queue will purchase the Fisker Ocean One. The company is making 5,000 of the limited edition Fisker Ocean One EVs. This will help them determine their conversion rate and actual demand for each trim level.

When Fisker ramps up production to full capacity in 2023, it conservatively plans to produce 5,000 Oceans a month. Fisker’s manufacturing partner has a state-of-the-art plant with super modern equipment. Fisker believes its partner Magna Steyr can get produce 7,500 Fisker Oceans per month in the second half of 2023, if they have the demand.

Fisker has the demand

Solar Orange

It will be interesting to see how many reservation holders Fisker will need to contact to get the first 5,000 orders firmed up. If you recall, the first 18,000 reservation holders didn’t know the price of the Fisker Ocean. Let alone there would even be an Ocean One. In short time we’ll know how strong demand really is. Literally, the rubber will hit the road.

After the limited production run is complete for the Fisker Ocean One, the company will prioritize and manufacture all Fisker Ocean Extreme orders. According to the company, they believe there is a lot demand for its high-end Fisker Ocean Extreme trim. They say there is a high degree of interest in high-end models of the Fisker Ocean, both the Extreme and Ultra.

If there is any additional capacity at Magna’s CO2 neutral plant, Fisker will begin to produce the Ocean Ultra. Then the company will move on to producing the Ocean Sport electric SUV. Currently, the company says Sport production will not commence until late 2023. That’s if the company’s conversion rate turns out to be high for all premium trims. Initially, the Fisker Ocean Sport will be produced at modest volumes toward the end of 2023. Then, the company will pick up the pace with higher volumes expected in 2024.

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Delivery locations

The Fisker Ocean will be available for delivery in the United States and abroad. As you recall, the Fisker Ocean is being produced in Graz, Austria. Prototypes are being created at this very moment for performance testing, IIHS results, and road tests. The company’s two biggest markets at this time are North America and Europe. Hence, the company launching the Fisker Ocean at the LA Auto Show and Mobile World Congress.

In addition to the US, the company will deliver the Fisker Ocean to Canada, Europe, and Asia. However, it all depends on total reservation numbers in each market. There will need to be a certain threshold of orders for it to make sense for the company to ship EVs to certain markets. At a later date, the company will announce individual market sales dates.

Fisker’s concierge service

Fisker Brand Experience Center (The Grove, Los Angeles, CA)

Fisker will have a concierge service to deliver your Fisker Ocean directly to your preferred location. It will be some sort of white glove experience. Fisker’s concierge service will be powered by Cox Automotive. Cox Automotive is the world’s largest automotive service organization.

While the company will have a half dozen Experience Centers to start, most customers will have the Fisker Ocean delivered to their home. Fisker does not have franchise dealers, like traditional automotive companies. That means your point of contact for delivery of your Fisker Ocean, service, and maintenance will be Fisker’s concierge service.

Everything appears to be falling into place for Fisker. Fisker contacting reservation holders, test driving the Fisker Ocean, and now delivery windows for the electric SUV. As each day moves closer to start of production, the picture is becoming clearer. We are in the midst of seeing this EV startup come into the limelight. It is quite an exciting time to be a reservation holder and $FSR shareholder. As we find out more details, we will keep you posted.

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14 thoughts on “When Your Fisker Ocean Will Ship

  1. Waiting impatiently for my extreme.
    I’m somewhere around 21k in the queue. Approx 42% want the high end models. This places me somewhere around 9k in line. Too far back to get a One, but hopefully taking possession in February. PLEASE surprise me and release the orange color – just awesome!

    1. That’s a personal preference. It depends on how frequent you plan to drive your Fisker Ocean, and how close you are to a public charging station. You may also have access to a charging station at your workplace to take advantage of. Those might be good options for you. We installed a charger in our garage before taking ownership of our first electric vehicle. It’s been extremely convenient and we don’t need to rely on public charging stations near our house. We will use the same charger for our Fisker Ocean though we will need an adaptor.

  2. Exciting times indeed. I guess after reading this article that once a more definitive timeline is set forth by Fisker is when we can start making plans. Been wanting continue making deposits into “my reservation” but surprisingly enough, Fisker is not accepting “more money” towards a vehicle which still hasn’t started production?
    It’s doesn’t make sense to me 🤷‍♂️

    1. Yeah, Fisker is only taking reservations on Ocean and PEAR at the moment. Aside from placing a $250 reservation, you can’t give the company any more money. Don’t worry, we’re nearing a time when Fisker will take a larger deposit or down right entire payment for their electric vehicles.

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