When You Will Get Your Fisker Ocean

Reservation holders are wondering when they will get their reserved Fisker Ocean model.

Growing day by day, Fisker now has over 45,000 reservations for the Fisker Ocean. Such an incredible achievement for the company. Fisker has a self-imposed goal of 50,000 reservations by start of production. Currently, start of production is scheduled for November 17, 2022. However, some reservation holders are becoming impatient and beginning to wonder when they will take delivery of their Fisker electric vehicle. Maybe high gas prices are causing concern or something else? We recommend not worrying if production starts on time regardless if you want a Fisker Ocean One, Extreme, Ultra, or Sport.

There is no marketing more powerful than word of mouth. Fisker wants as many Oceans roaming the streets as possible.

When will I get my Fisker Ocean?

If you reserved your Fisker Ocean by March 31, 2022, regardless of the trim you’re interested in, you will get your electric vehicle no later than the end of 2023. Why are we so confident in Fisker being able to deliver for the first 40,000 reservation holders? Simple. This isn’t the first rodeo for Fisker’s manufacturing partner. As long as suppliers are able to deliver all reservation holders are in good shape. Fisker is also doing everything in its power to ramp production mid-2023 to please as many reservation holders as possible. There is no marketing more powerful than word of mouth. Fisker wants as many Oceans roaming the streets as possible.

Are you an early reservation holder?

Fisker estimates 5,000 units/month of the Fisker Ocean will roll off the Magna Steyr production line by the end of the year. They will produce a limited edition version of the Fisker Ocean called the Ocean One. The Ocean One is similar to the Ocean Extreme with some additional bells and whistles. These will be the first 5,000 units delivered by Fisker. Then the company will begin producing Ocean Extreme and Ultra. Ocean Sports will be assembled after Fisker runs out of reservation holders who want to buy the more premium trims.

Early reservation holders, as shown in the chart below, will have an option to purchase the Ocean One for $68,999. If you reserved your Fisker Ocean by June 1, 2020 you’ll have the option to purchase a Fisker Ocean One in July 2022. Some customers may hold out for the color option of their choice. Not all color options will be available at launch. The same goes with interior color options. Sea Salt is said to be the only color option for the Ocean One. Many reservation holders will want Black Abyss interior.

Not a current reservation holder?

You are still in luck. During the first half of 2023, Fisker will produce 5,000 units/month. That means by the end of June 2023 Fisker will have made 35,000 Fisker Oceans. This number includes the 5,000 Ocean One SUVs produced in 2022 plus 5,000 units for the first six months of 2023.

In the second half of 2023, Fisker will ramp production to 7,500 units/month. Fisker said the Magna factory has the ability to scale well beyond 10,000 units/month, doubling production from the company’s conservative plan of 5,000 units/month. If the stars align for Fisker, the company will produce 45,000 additional Fisker Oceans in the second half of 2023. That is 80,000 EVs produced by end of 2023.

We believe Fisker will be rolling off Ocean Ones, Extremes, Ultras, and Sports by the end of 2023 making the first 40,000 reservation holders happy.

Will the Fisker Ocean price remain the same?

The company has said that if you are one of the first 40,000 reservation holders or purchase a Fisker Ocean before the end of 2023 you will not face any pricing increases. That means the Fisker Ocean Sport will run you $37,499 if that is the EV of choice for you.

However, prices for everything do go up over time. Fisker isn’t immune to costs of raw goods going up to produce their flagship electric vehicle. At this point in time, Fisker does not plan to raise prices for the Fisker Ocean in 2022 or 2023. Given the current rate of inflation and global market pressures in logistics and commodity costs, Fisker cannot guarantee pricing will remain static forever.

With Fisker starting production in late 2022, together with their unique asset-light business model, the company should be able to hold pricing steady through 2023. In 2024, all bets are off, but it is customary for automakers to have yearly price increases. Fisker will do good to all customers as it builds its lifestyle brand.

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    1. Yes, Fisker partnered with battery supplier CATL, the world’s largest battery manufacture, ahead of last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. CATL will supply Fisker with two different battery solutions for the Fisker Ocean SUV. The Fisker Ocean Sport will use a lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) battery pack and the Ocean Ultra uses a lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) battery pack. Fisker has been working extensively with CATL, using two different chemistries, to maximize performance and minimize cost for the Fisker Ocean lineup. Fisker Ocean EV batteries will come with a 10-year 100,000 mile warranty with 75% state of health (charge capacity). Read More: Fisker Ocean lineup will use two batteries types

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