When We Might Get More Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Locations

Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Location

Henrik Fisker shared with us when the company will have more vehicles to use for marketing purposes such as Fisker Ocean pop-up locations.

In a recent interview, Henrik talked about brining the Fisker Ocean EV to Brooklyn’s Domino Park this Sunday August 28th. He said, “There are a lot of people in New York and on the East Coast excited to see the vehicle.” At that moment, we shared some of your feedback with Henrik. There are many future owners of the Fisker Ocean, and readers of Fiskerati, on the East Coast of the United States. They want the company to drive the Fisker Ocean south to Florida all the way to Miami. This comment prompted Henrik to share when the company might offer more Fisker Ocean pop-up locations.

Henrik’s response to more pop-up locations:

Below is Henrik’s response about driving the Fisker Ocean south to Miami, Florida including a video clip from the recent interview.

“We’re still a small team and what we are waiting for is really to get some of these first production intent vehicles, which we’ll hopefully get, we should get them over here sometime in October. Then it’s going to be a little easier to start bringing these vehicles around, because now you can really slam the doors and sit in it and push the buttons. You know right now, we’re still taking an early prototype around. You always have to explain to people these are an early prototype. So, obviously what you want to do is show the final vehicle and as you know our production start is November 17th. That’s your official start of production, which has more to do with, that now you have all the final software releases and certifications and everything else, but we will have some vehicles probably in October, which we can start using for marketing purposes.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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4 thoughts on “When We Might Get More Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Locations

  1. I just heard that the car will be in Brooklyn today, why weren’t reservation owners sent a notice or invite

    1. We posted about it a few times and I believe Fisker sent an email about it the other week. Stay tuned on our site for more locations. The Fisker Ocean will be in Brooklyn until 6:00pm Eastern or thereabouts so you still have time to check it out!

  2. The Death Valley workout for the Ocean appeared impressive. How many miles did they drive and what kind of range (miles) did they achieve?? Obviously that’s not a typical drive. Batteries are very inefficient at cold temperatures and I wonder the impact in extremely hot temperatures.
    Irv, one of first 5,000 and shareholder.

    1. Thanks for your comment Irv. Fisker didn’t share how many miles they drove during their Death Valley extreme heat test. However, Dante’s Peak which was featured in the video is 291 miles from the Fisker headquarters in Manhattan Beach, CA. The video does so a charging station, which I would have to image the engineering team used while out an about on this excessive heat test.

What are your thoughts?