What’s Your Favorite Fisker Ocean Feature?

Fisker Ocean Driving California Coast

There’s a lot to like about the Fisker Ocean electric SUV from design to range, but what’s your favorite feature?

Fisker Ocean California Mode
Fisker Ocean California Mode.

Today, that’s the very question Fisker asked us across social media. Henrik’s favorite design feature on the Fisker Ocean is the sculptured fenders.

For Henrik, it’s all about design. For us, design is actually the #1 reason to wait for the Fisker Ocean, but it’s not our favorite feature.

This question made us have a think about what feature we like most on the Fisker Ocean. As you know, there is a lot to like about on the electric SUV as far as features go.

Most talked about features

Some of the most talked about features across Fiskerati, and for good reason, are 22″ SlipStream wheels, SolarSky Roof, FI-Pilot, Sustainable Materials, PowerBank, Revolve, California Mode, and HyperSound. Previously, we wrote about our Top 3 favorite Fisker Ocean features. This article was written a week after we started this site. We said our favorites were California Mode, SolarSky Roof, and Infotainment with Hollywood Mode. You may be wondering if our viewpoint has changed.

Our favorite feature

As you know, we recently pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One. We did so for the company’s commitment around sustainability. While sustainable materials are a feature of the electric SUV, it’s not our favorite feature of the Fisker Ocean. There is one feature we will use every single time we drive our Fisker Ocean. One feature that still resonates with us that we think rises above all of the rest is…California Mode.

You’re probably saying to yourself, California Mode? Yes, California Mode, and we’ve talked about it before. This feature fits our Southern California lifestyle. When we go for a drive, we almost always roll down our windows. Rolling all the windows down at the same time is so basic, but it’s a killer feature. It’s a feature we will use literally every day, whether going to the grocery store or for a cruise down the coast.

That’s us, but what about you? What’s your favorite Fisker Ocean feature? Is there one Fisker Ocean feature you will use literally every day? Let us know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Fisker Ocean Feature?

  1. Agree with California mode. While I do not live there the feature is fun and unique. I am counting down….

  2. Solar roof, design, range, use of recycled materials throughout the interior! Since garages and parking lots in Europe are often a bit smaller than in the USA, it would be possible to control the car via the app (summon). Great. !?

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