What You Need to Know About Pre-Ordering Fisker Ocean One This Week

Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One pre-ordering kicks into high gear tomorrow and we have everything you need to know about the limited launch edition.

Fisker Ocean One from all angles.

Today, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One. This week the company accelerates pre-ordering invite emails for the limited edition launch trim beginning tomorrow. We will prepare you for the week ahead.

First some background. As we know, the Fisker Ocean One is a launch edition. It is limited to a production of only 5,000 units. For the past couple of weeks, the company has been teasing us each day on social media with new photos of Fisker Ocean One. The excitement built up all week ahead of July 1st. That was the expected date for pre-ordering of Fisker Ocean One to begin. To say most reservation holders were excited is an understatement.

On Friday, Fisker updated its website with new details about Fisker Ocean One pre-ordering. Later that afternoon, the company sent out a small batch of pre-ordering invites by email. The company began contacting reservation holders beginning with reservation holder #1. We estimate the company sent out about 500 emails to date allowing the earliest of reservation holders to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. That is where we are today. Now, let’s prepare for next week.

What to expect this week

Fisker Ocean One
Pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One ramps up this week.

To start, let’s make this as plain and simple as possible. Don’t panic if you do not receive an email invite to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One this week. Not everyone will be contacted to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. We mentioned this yesterday in case you think you’re eligible. Fisker will produce 5,000 Ocean One launch editions. Then it will go on to produce hundreds of thousands of Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport electric SUVs. You will get your chance to pre-order and purchase a Fisker Ocean.

As you know, the company has well over 50,000 reservation holders. Depending on where you are in the reservation queue will determine whether you’re eligible to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One or not. If you don’t get the Ocean One, you’ll be able to pre-order the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, or Sport at a later time.

Tomorrow, Fisker will begin to ramp up its efforts to sell out the Fisker Ocean One launch edition. We believe the company will contact the next 4,500 reservation holders this week. The company will likely send out a press release tomorrow morning about this big milestone. Then, pre-ordering invite emails will be in the earliest of reservation holders inboxes.

Pre-Ordering Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition.

The clock to pre-order your Fisker Ocean One begins when Fisker sends you the invite email. Not when you receive or open it. That means you will have 7 days to pre-order your Fisker Ocean One from the time Fisker presses the send button. Not everyone needs to be on the look out for the pre-order email invite. If you reserved the Fisker Ocean in 2021 or last week, you have a slim chance of purchasing the Fisker Ocean One according to the poll we conducted.

When you open up the email. Act fast. Don’t delay if you want to purchase the launch edition trim. Have your method of payment handy. Be ready to put down your $5,000 deposit. Don’t squabble over the non-refundable deposit. Yes, we know it is steep to pre-order an electric vehicle. However, this launch edition is for early backers of the company. To pre-order, you will need to be comfortable purchasing sight unseen without a test drive. You can rest assured the company has a stellar warranty on their vehicles.

Be ready to configure your Fisker Ocean One. As Henrik and Geeta did on Saturday, they chose their Fisker Ocean One configuration. You can choose your paint color, interior color, and wheel option. However, Fisker will give you a period of time to change your configuration. Fisker will notify you in advance when your configuration becomes firm and final. We suggest whatever selection you chose should be deemed final.

Next up after pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One Invitation

Good work, you pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One. That’s all you need to do when you get the pre-ordering invite email. Simple.

After pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean One you get to breathe for a little bit. At this time, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to finance the Fisker Ocean One. You don’t need to worry about how you’re going to trade-in your used car.

All of this will come at a later date in the purchasing process. However, you can start to get prepared. You should know that Fisker will help you secure an auto loan in their app to purchase the launch edition. The company will also help you trade-in your used vehicle.

What’s next for everyone else

You didn’t think we would forget about all of the other reservation holders who weren’t able to get their hands on a Fisker Ocean launch edition? There is some good news for you too. Once all 5,000 Fisker Ocean One launch editions are pre-ordered, the company will open up pre-ordering for the next Fisker Ocean trims. This will include Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport electric SUVs in that sequence. They’ll also tell us when each Fisker Ocean trim will ship. So, if you’re not one of the 5,000 to pre-order the $68,999 Fisker Ocean One, don’t sweat it, you’ll be next in line.

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3 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About Pre-Ordering Fisker Ocean One This Week

  1. “If you reserved the Fisker Ocean in 2021 or last week, you have a slim chance of purchasing the Fisker Ocean One according to the poll we conducted.”

    So… what the heck happened? Reservation holders who make reservations as late as Feb 2022 are getting the invite… and no telling all will accept it meaning there will be a next wave of invite tomorrow probably and for all I care, everyone who made a reservation might be invited to pre-order and this launch edition might not even be sold out by the week’s end. I for one is debating.. due to ‘non refundable’ nature of the deposit. Is that the reason for most people deciding against it?

    1. Yeah, when we made our poll we obviously didn’t know what the pre-order deposit would be or that it would be non-refundable. I think the company underestimated this as well. The good news though, the company will sift and sort through the 50,000+ reservations and find the most passionate people that want to back their launch vehicle.

  2. What I think is that this positively sucks. The original Fisker Ocean, priced around $38,000, is, guess what? All sold out. So even though I made my reservation in 2021, I am unable to order the car I want, and unable to even possibly qualify for the tax credit. A credit which Fisker has taken pains to remain totally vague about for months on end…and also recently, when they again added maximally vague language to their email about the IRA: acting now to make a “firm commitment,” a commitment I am blocked from making, “MAY allow Fisker customers to take advantage of the existing $7500 federal tax credit scheme for which they MAY qualify under the Transition Rule…” Just ridiculous. What a waste of time and money.

What are your thoughts?