What You Need To Know About Fisker Ocean One Waitlist

Fisker Ocean One

Fisker released new details about the Ocean One waitlist and we have everything you need to know about it.

Today, we’re going to tell you everything we know about the Fisker Ocean One waitlist. If you didn’t know, the launch vehicle sold out in July. Then, Fisker opened up the Ocean One waitlist on Tuesday. The company has been contacting reservation holders via email about the waitlist. Customers have 48 hours to take action from when the company sends the email. As of last night, the company confirmed they already have more than 1,000 customers on the waitlist. Demand is strong for all Fisker Ocean trims.

Email sent to customers to join the Fisker Ocean One waitlist
Email sent to customers to join the Fisker Ocean One waitlist.

As a result of all the enthusiasm surrounding the Fisker Ocean, we wanted to bring to your attention something new we noticed. Earlier in the week, Fisker added a new section to its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The FAQ now includes an entire section called “Ocean One Waitlist”. There is a lot of good information in it. We wanted to help create awareness around for it. We’ve seen quite a few of the questions listed in the comments of our site and on Fiskerati Forums.

Again, like we did with the newly added Order FAQ last week, we thought it may be helpful to inform you about this new section too about the waitlist. That way it saves you some time getting answers to your most frequently asked questions. While we suggest reading all the Q&A provided below, we’ve taken the time to highlight answers we thought would be most interesting to you based on the questions our readers have asked to date.

Fisker’s Ocean One Waitlist FAQ

Why is there a waitlist for the Fisker Ocean One?
We are opening a waitlist due to the overwhelming demand for the Fisker Ocean One in our launch markets. In the event that we receive a Fisker Ocean One order cancellation, Fisker will offer the next waitlist customer the opportunity to place a $5,000 nonrefundable order deposit.

If I am on the waitlist, do I lose my spot for the Sport / Ultra / Extreme?
If you choose to join the Fisker Ocean One waitlist, you will still retain your spot in the original Fisker queue for a Sport, Ultra, or Extreme.

Can I give my place in line to someone else who wants a Fisker Ocean One?
Waitlist positions for the Fisker Ocean One are non-transferable.

What countries are eligible for the waitlist?
The waitlist is only available in the Fisker Ocean One launch markets: United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.

How do I join the waitlist for Fisker Ocean One?
Reservation holders from the launch markets will receive an email inviting them to join the waitlist.

I was invited to order from the waitlist, is my deposit refundable?
Order deposits for the Fisker Ocean One are non-refundable in North America.

For the waitlist, do I get to configure my own vehicle, or do I have to select from an already configured vehicle?
Depending upon the cancellation of the order, the specifications of the vehicle may or may not be changeable. The waitlist customer will have the opportunity to accept or decline the order.

When can I expect delivery if I join the waitlist for a Fisker Ocean One?
Upon joining the waitlist, you will be notified if a vehicle becomes available for you. Deliveries are staged pursuant to market region (please see FAQ regarding launch markets). We expect most deliveries to be completed in the first half of 2023, with all deliveries to be completed by the end of September 2023.

If I already converted my reservation to an order, am I still eligible to be on the waitlist?
Yes. Should you place a firm order for one of the other trims, you will not lose your place on the waitlist for the Ocean One.

How long will I have before my order window closes?
If a customer is advised that a Fisker Ocean One is available, there is a 5-day window to order. After 5 days we will move on to the next customer on the waitlist queue.

Can I remove options, accessories or other equipment on a preexisting build?
If you are selecting a vehicle that is a preexisting build, accessories and other equipment cannot be removed from the vehicle.

Will I be able to see the final configured price before I commit to the waitlist?
Pricing is available on the website and app, but does not include tax, registration, processing, destination, handling, or home delivery fees.

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  1. This is and has been the MOST CONFUSING procedure I have ever been put through for a Car……I really have no idea where I am in this darkness – I put down $250 and then, a multitude of cars came out and the Fisker One seemed to get lost – and then, suddenly I read that it was SOLD OUT even before I put down my money?

  2. Why is the deposit non-refund avale even thought they have a wait-list and will sell it again? Also why non-refundable even though they have changed the proposed delivery date?

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