What You Get In Each Fisker Ocean Model

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You may want a certain feature on your Fisker Ocean, but it might only be available on a premium model of the electric vehicle.

You love the sound and look of certain features on the Fisker Ocean. However, they may not be available on the Fisker Ocean Sport, which retails at $37,499 (excluding government tax incentives). For example, you may like the SolarSky Roof and 22” F3 SlipStream wheels or even California Mode. Well, none of those features are available on the Fisker Ocean Sport, one is available on the Ocean Ultra, and all are available on the Ocean Extreme and Ocean One.

When visiting the Fisker website and browsing through all of the information, at first you may think that the Ocean Sport includes some or all of these features. In order for Fisker to create an attractive price point on the world’s most sustainable electric vehicle, it needed to make tradeoffs on feature availability for each of its trims. You can’t put a state-of-the-art SolarSky Roof or California Mode in a $37,499 electric vehicle and make a profit. By reserving these innovative features for the Ocean Ultra, Extreme, and One, Fisker expects many customers to move up to one of these premium models.

In the tweet below, you can see more than two-thirds of reservation holders or future customers want the 22” F3 SlipStream wheels. As of right now, that means they going to have to pay up for a Fisker Ocean One or Fisker Ocean Extreme.

Fisker Ocean Feature Comparison by Model

There is certainly a lot of information on the Fisker website. Not to mention all of the features mentioned in each of the social media posts and marketing emails. At this point, you may be overwhelmed and aren’t quite sure which feature is available on each model. Below, you can now easily see what features are on the Fisker Ocean Sport compared to all the other more premium models of the electric vehicle. We hope Fisker rolls something out like this in a future iteration of its website to better educate current reservation holders and potential customers.

FeatureOcean OneOcean ExtremeOcean UltraOcean Sport
BatteryHyper RangeHyper RangeHyper RangeTouring Range
PowertrainDual Motor AWD w/ Rear
Disconnect Smart Traction
Dual Motor AWD w/ Rear
Disconnect Smart Traction
Dual Motor AWD w/ optional Smart TractionSingle Motor FWD
Range350+ Miles350+ Miles340 Miles250 Miles
Drive ModesEarth, Fun, HyperEarth, Fun, HyperEarth, Fun, HyperEarth, Fun
17.1” Central TouchscreenRevolveRevolveFixedFixed
Speaker PackageHyperSound: Immersive Audio SystemHyperSound: Immersive Audio SystemPremium Sound +Premium Sound
360˚ Surround View3D3D2DX
App as KeyXXXX
Digital Rear-View MirrorXXXX
Driver Drowsiness and Attention WarningXXXX
Automatic Emergency BrakingXXXX
Multi-Collision BrakingXXXX
Traffic Sign/Light RecognitionXXXX
Automatic Emergency BrakingXXXX
Lane Keep AssistXXXX
See Me SignalXXX
Reverse Collision MitigationXXX
California ModeXXX
Front and Side Collision WarningXX
Adaptive Drive ControlXX
Park My CarXX
Limo ModeXX
Remote Vehicle LocatorXX
Front/Rear Heated SeatsXX
Key Fob (with California Mode)XX
Gaming in HMIXX
22” F3 SlipStream WheelsXX
Exclusive Paint OptionsX
Ocean One Digital SignatureX
*Pricing is for the United States and excludes government tax incentives.

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6 thoughts on “What You Get In Each Fisker Ocean Model

  1. Why are the top 2 Ocean models the same price? If there’are 2 or 3 missing (trim) features, shouldn’t it be less money? It doesn’t make sense to charge the same price for a vehicle that doesn’t the same features as the top-line vehicle.

    1. Great question! The two models, or trims, that you’re referring to are the Fisker Ocean One and the Fisker Ocean Extreme. Yes, they are the same price. Short answer, they’re basically the same with some limited edition features. We wrote another article first similar to this one you read. It includes some other tidbits.

      Fisker starts production on the Ocean in November 2022. The company is going to start by making 5,000 limited edition Fisker Ocean One SUVs. Once the limited editions are built and sold, the “One” will no longer be built. Then, the company will go on to the other trims in of the Fisker Ocean including the Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

      In the company’s words:
      The exclusive, launch-edition Fisker Ocean One will be the first-ever vehicle launched by Fisker Inc. Limited to the first 5,000 units produced, this uncompromised luxury edition comes fully loaded with all available premium features and includes rarities such as 22” F3 SlipStream Wheels made from aluminum with beautiful, recycled carbon fiber inserts, a commemorative digital signature, Big Sur Blue with metallic matte finish, and more.

What are your thoughts?