What Color Fisker Ocean Are You Getting?

Fisker keeps sharing new photos of the Fisker Ocean giving customers better examples of what paint colors actually look like.

Fisker Ocean being assembled on the production line at Magna Steyr.

Today, Fisker shared new photos out of Magna Steyr from Graz, Austria in a post on social media. The company said, “Did you know that all seven colors available at launch were designed exclusively for Fisker? Great White, Night Drive, Horizon Gray, Mariana, Big Sur Blue, Silver Lining, and Blue Planet: Can you guess the theme?”

The company showed off the Fisker Ocean painted in what appears to be Mariana. Mariana is one of seven launch colors for the Fisker Ocean. It’s nice to see real world shots of the Fisker Ocean showing off launch colors. This should help customers decide which color option to select. It’s likely the company will share more photos of the Fisker Ocean painted in launch colors leading up to the official start of production on November 17th.

Customers who have pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean One will need to select one of these launch paint colors. To date, we’ve seen a lot of photos and video clips of the Fisker Ocean in various colors. For example, we’ve seen it in Great White, Night Drive, Big Sur Blue, Mariana, Silver Lining, and Blue Planet. However, we haven’t seen too many photos or videos of the electric SUV in Horizon Gray.

While we think we may have seen one photo of the Fisker Ocean in Horizon Gray we’re not entirely sure. For instance, Horizon Gray has similar color tones as Mariana and Big Sur Blue, especially in digital renderings of the electric vehicle. We believe Horizon Gray will be a popular color among customers. Especially for those who want a deep dark color, but not black like Night Drive.

2023 Paint Colors

Fisker Ocean Solar Orange
Fisker Ocean painted in Solar Orange.

By the second half of 2023, Fisker is expected to offer customers a total of 14 paint colors. They will be introducing seven additional paint colors. This will include Solar Orange, Sea Grass, Sun Soaked, Black Pearl, Marine Layer, Stealth Green, and Red Planet. We’ve seen a few of the latest Fisker Ocean prototypes in painted in some of these colors like Solar Orange.

Believe it or not, there are some customers on the forums that are going to rally together in 2023 to try to get Fisker to offer these paint colors earlier for their Fisker Ocean One. However, we don’t think they will be very successful. Fisker has been pretty clear that customers who have pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean One will need to choose a launch color. Nevertheless, we’ll grab some popcorn and a seat to watch the show!

What Color Option Will You Choose?

Fisker has done a pretty good job of sharing real world photos of recent Fisker Ocean prototypes painted in most launch colors. As a result, we started to wonder what the most popular paint color is to date. We’ve created a poll to find out which color option is most popular at this very moment in time. Take the poll now to share your input. What color Fisker Ocean are you getting?

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4 thoughts on “What Color Fisker Ocean Are You Getting?

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to want Solar Orange! I’m locked into a lease until September 2024 so I don’t have to make up my mind just yet. I live in the East bay of San Francisco and we are often smothered in pea soup fog. I want to be seen!

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