We Pre-Ordered Fisker Ocean One, Here is Our Experience, Step-by-Step

Fisker Ocean One Pre-Order Confirmed

Here is our step-by-step experience of pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One after receiving the pre-order invite email earlier this morning.

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition.

Today, we woke up this morning to an email from Fisker with a chance to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. We published an article yesterday for our readers with a game plan to pre-order Fisker Ocean One this week. When doing so, we didn’t think we had a chance to get our hands on the launch edition. However, we wanted you to be prepared so we published our thoughts.

We reserved our Fisker Ocean on September 27, 2020. That would make us reservation holder 7,200 or thereabouts. We’ve heard people received pre-order email invites that reserved their Fisker Ocean at the end of 2021. Maybe Fisker gave all 50,000+ reservation holders a chance to pre-order the launch edition?

Personalized Experience

After seeing the pre-order email invite we opened it up. It looked just like the one we published on Friday. We clicked on the email to take a look. We were presented with a personalized webpage. This was a nice touch from Fisker.

The webpage read, “Sean, As one of our earliest reservation holders, we are excited to invite you to pre-order the launch-edition Fisker Ocean One. This edition is limited to 5,000 vehicles worldwide and is expected to sell out quickly. Would you like to accept your pre-order invitation?” We were then presented with two choices. Choice one, “No, not now.” And choice two, “Yes, let’s get started.”

After reading the landing page, our first thought was, “Wow, nice touch personalizing this landing page. Fisker is creating such a sense of urgency. Ok, let’s do this!”

Personalized webpage you see after clicking the pre-order invite email.

Step 1: Enter Your Delivery Address

After pressing the “Yes, let’s get started.” button we were presented with three steps to firm up our Fisker Ocean One pre-order. Firstly, we had to enter in our delivery address. The Step 1 landing page said, “First, you’ll enter your delivery address to confirm an Ocean One is still available in your region.” It appears Fisker may be limiting the quantity of the launch edition based on geography.

We know invitations to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One are for select markets. Invites were to be sent to reservation holders in Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States. Apparently, Fisker has a certain quantity set aside for each region based on the market you’re in. We pressed “Continue.”

Step 1: Entering in delivery address.

We began by entering in our address. Fisker helped pre-populate our address to make the data entry as quickly as possible. Nice touch, but it is to be expected. This allowed Fisker to make sure we entered in a verified address. After submitted our address, Fisker presented us with a confirmation screen on Step 1. It said, “Everything Is Looking Good, Sean. Now let’s make history.” We then pressed the “Build your Fisker Ocean One.” button.

Step 1 complete after entering in delivery address.

Step 2: Design Your Fisker Ocean

Then, on Step 2, we were given the option to configure our Fisker Ocean One. The screen said, “In this step, you’ll design your Fisker Ocean One configuration. You’ll be able to change this leading up to your final order confirmation.” We talked about this yesterday, and a few times over the course of the month. After seeing Henrik and Geeta share their Fisker Ocean One configuration over the weekend we were ready with our preferred configuration. We pressed the “Let’s go!” button. Next up was choosing a pre-saved configuration or building a new configuration. We chose the second option.

Step 2: Designing Fisker Ocean One.

Step 2 Continued: Configuring Fisker Ocean One

We chose the latter option and re-configured our Fisker Ocean One. In Step 2, we have three choices to configure our Fisker Ocean One.

Firstly, we had to choose our paint color. This was a pretty easy choice for us. We selected the Great White paint option.

Secondly, we had to choose our wheel option. There are five choices as we’ve previously discussed. This decision was a bit tougher for us. We like the 22″ F3 SlimStream wheels, but we think the 22″ F5 AirGlider is a beautiful option. Also, it is the safer option. This is the same wheel choice as Henrik Fisker.

Thirdly, we had to select our interior color. We did a YouTube video on this over the weekend. It was part of being prepared. We think the Sea Salt color will get too dirty. That would give us two remaining color options, MaliBlu or Black Abyss. We chose Black Abyss because we think that option will remain the cleanest looking. Fisker will probably give owners instructions on how to care for their eco-suede interior. That would be a nice touch.

Configuring Fisker Ocean One.

Overall, you think this would be easy decision process after writing nearly 250 articles about the Fisker Ocean. We sat on this screen for a minute, then pressed the “Continue” button.

Step 2 Continued: Selecting Accessories

We were then presented with an option to add accessories. There are a total of seven accessories to choose from. Carpet Floor Mat Set, Car Cover, Key Fob, Winter Tire – Nordic – DMV3 (Studless), 20″ Wheel Snow Chains, Roadside Safety Kit, and Winter Tire – center European – LM005. We wrote an article to dive deeper into these accessories. We selected a set of carpet floor mats and then a Key Fob. The total build price increased from $68,999 to $69,549. We scrolled down and pressed the “Continue” button.

Accessories for Fisker Ocean One.

Fisker then presented us with the total build cost for the Fisker Ocean One. The next screen showed us a breakdown of all the costs. It was broken down by Specifications, Accessories, and Subtotal. There was also a link to view the important pricing information and disclaimers. We read over that and then proceeded to the next step. This screen shows the $5,000 non-refundable deposit. There was a lot of talk about this over the weekend. Henrik tried to nip it in the bud saying the Fisker Ocean One is for those that are serious.

Reviewing the breakdown of cost for Fisker Ocean One.

Then, Fisker presented a webpage that said, “Excellent. Your design has been saved for your Fisker Ocean One.” Next up, we pressed the “Secure your pre-order” button.

Fisker Ocean One Design Saved.

Step 3: Secure Your Pre-Order

Finally, we made it to Step 3. In this step, the webpage read, “In this step, you’ll review the terms of your Pre-Order and make your deposit.” We pressed the “Let’s review the terms” button. We then reviewed the terms and saved a copy of them for future reference.

Review the terms to pre-order Fisker Ocean One.

Step 3 Continued: Secure Payment

After reviewing the terms, we were presented with another step to pay our deposit. The screen read, “How would you like to make your deposit” We were presented with two choices, using a credit card or ACH. Now, we thought, if we choose the ACH option that will take a couple days at best for Fisker to get the payment. We chose the “Card” option. We pressed the “Continue to Payment” button and entered our payment details on the next screen.

Making payment to pre-order Fisker Ocean One..


After entering in our payment details, we submitted them and the site processed our payment. We were then taken to the “Congratulations!” webpage. It stated, “You have secured your Fisker Ocean One! Check your email for confirmation. Thank you for being a part of our vision of a Clean Future for All.”

Confirmation that our pre-order was complete.

We then checked our Fisker account. There, you can see the Fisker Ocean One pre-order in our account.

Pre-order showing up in our account.

Confirmation Email

Fisker Ocean One Celebration Confetti
Fisker Ocean One — Congratulations!

After completing the pre-order purchase on the Fisker site, we received a survey first. The company wanted to know about our experience for purchasing the Fisker Ocean One or so we thought. The survey was about contacting Fisker. While we didn’t contact Fisker we completed the survey and gave them two thumbs up.

Then, about 45 minutes after completing the pre-order, the confirmation email showed up in our inbox. The email had a subject line of, “CONGRATULATIONS Sean : You’re Getting a Fisker Ocean One!” The email confirmation confirmed the pre-order was successful and complete. It showed the $5,000 non-refundable deposit. It stated, “Welcome to your place in EV history. You’re confirmed! Thank you for pre-ordering your Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One and securing your place in Fisker’s vision of a Clean Future for All.”

The email also contained the Ocean One configuration and accessories selected throughout the process. The email also included this blurb:

Production of the Fisker Ocean One begins In November 2022. Delivery date is dependent upon your pre-order date and location. We expect all deliveries to be complete by end of September 2023. As we get closer to production, we'll send you more information on delivery options and schedules, and more exciting information about your all-electric, zero-emissions future with the Fisker Ocean One.

Our final thoughts

We had a pretty good pre-order experience. We faced no issues with the site during the process of pre-ordering. The pre-ordering process was pretty straight forward. Design on the site could have been a little better so everything fit on the screen. Some screens required a bit of scrolling to get to the continue button. It would have been easier to just tap, tap, tap, and done. That is being nit picky though. Overall, we give the Fisker team two thumbs up.

This article took us a couple of hours to write. We went back to the Fisker site to look on the pre-order in our account and were faced with an error. It appears the Fisker site is now experiencing some difficulty. I can now 100% confirm Fisker hosts their site and apps on Amazon Web Services, my former employer. Guess we had something in common all along.

The error reads, “We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error.” Well, you can look at this as a positive, we got our Fisker Ocean One order completed just in the nick of time. For those having issues, remain patient. This CloudFront issue should be resolved shortly. Fisker, if you need help with CloudFront, you know how to get in touch with me. ?

Here is the CloudFront error we received when accessing the Fisker site after pre-ordering.

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