Understanding Fisker Ocean Charging Times and Range

Quick guide to better understand Fisker Ocean charging times and range, decide when to use DC fast charging versus Mode 3 / Level 2 charging, learn how to maintain battery health, and maximize efficiency.

Fisker Ocean charging with a Pulsar Plus Level 2 charger
Fisker Ocean charging with a Pulsar Plus Level 2 charger.

Today, we’ll make sense of the recent Fisker Ocean charging times published by Fisker. As you may know, Fisker recently released the official specification sheet for the top trim of their flagship electric SUV. This sheet provided a wealth of valuable information for prospective owners of the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme. It unveiled specifications related to exterior design, interior features, cargo capacity, weight, and performance.

In fact, we discovered that the battery capacity for the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme is 113 kWh gross. We recently obtained information that the net (usable) capacity amounts to 107 kWh. Fisker also published charging times for Mode 3, a European standard, and DC fast charging, which were 12 hours and 33 minutes and 6 seconds, respectively. However, they did not disclose the battery percentage range for these charging times.

Fortunately, Fisker published additional details this week, shedding light on the charging times for the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme. The company stated that these trims will offer a charging time of 33 minutes and 6 seconds for DC fast charging, enabling a charge from 10% to 80% capacity. Furthermore, Fisker shared that both Mode 3 charging, used in Europe, and Level 2 charging, used in North America, will require 12 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%.

Choosing Between DC Fast Charging and Mode 3 / Level 2 Charging

Fisker Ocean owners can now understand the charging times associated with their electric SUVs better with these updated details. It will enable them to plan their charging strategies accordingly. For instance, they can utilize DC fast charging for quick and convenient charging during travel or when they have limited time. In comparison, they can identify that Level 2 charging is more suitable for regular daily charging, especially when they have sufficient time for longer charging durations.

Suppose you are on a road trip, and your Fisker Ocean’s battery is running low. In this situation, you should utilize DC fast charging at a charging station along your route. This approach will allow you to recharge your Hyper Range battery quickly and resume your journey in a shorter amount of time. Conversely, if you have several hours available for charging while at home overnight, you should connect your Fisker Ocean to a Mode 3 or Level 2 charger while you’re asleep.

Optimal Charging Range for Fisker Ocean

Fisker hasn’t shared the optimal charging range for the Fisker Ocean yet. We’ve researched this area and found that the best range for charging the Fisker Ocean depends on your needs and preferences. It’s important to charge your electric SUV within a range that allows for everyday usage without excessive battery depletion. We recommend keeping the battery level between 20% and 80%.

Charging your Fisker Ocean within this range offers several advantages. Firstly, it maximizes the battery lifespan by reducing stress and wear from frequent charging. Secondly, it also allows for efficient charging, as EV batteries charge more rapidly at lower charge levels. Maintaining a moderate charge range ensures enough battery capacity for daily driving while leaving room for unexpected trips or emergencies.

Just like depleting it under 10%, occasionally charging to 100% is not detrimental to the battery’s health. We do it from time to time with our current electric vehicle before long drives. If you have a long trip planned or need a full charge for a specific reason, charging to 100% is acceptable. Ultimately, finding the optimal charging range for your Fisker Ocean will depend on your needs and charging infrastructure availability. These are good guidelines to follow until Fisker provides precise guidance.

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