Two-Tone Seats in Henrik’s Test Vehicle

First look at the interior of Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle, which has two-tone seats in both the front and rear that we’ve never seen before.

Rear seats of Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle.

Today, we saw photos of two-tone seats in Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle that we’ve never seen before. Photos appeared online this morning from the Brooklyn pop-up location. Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle was on display this weekend for event goers to check out.

Henrik’s test vehicle was present with the Fisker Ocean in Big Sur Blue, but it was locked and the interior was not accessible. Many people snapped photos of Henrik’s test vehicle, but nothing like these photos we see here of the two-tone interior. There were two photos, one of the front seats and one of the rear seats has us scratching our head.

As you can see in the photos, the front and rear seats each display a new two-tone color and material we’ve never seen before. The two-tone interior colors of Henrik’s test vehicle certainly aren’t MaliBlu, Sea Salt, or Black Abyss like we’ve seen before.

At best, part of the headrest and center console armrest match that of the Sea Salt option, but that’s about it. The main part of the front seats appears to be a blackish color and could either be an EcoSuede or EcoFabric material with EcoLeather on the outer edges. Also, this seat material matches what’s used on the interior door panels and dashboard.

The image captured of the rear seats is quite peculiar too. The material used in the rear seats is a black and white combo in what appears to be an EcoLeather material. It looks too shiny to be a suede or fabric option. However, there is a glare in the photo which makes it a bit hard to tell. One thing is for certain, this is a two-tone color combo we’ve never seen before.

Our Reaction

We love the blackish color and material used on the front seats as it will go with virtually any paint color option. The front seats look soft and would be comfortable in warm weather based on the make up of materials. We’d prefer a matching headrest and center console armrest. Overall, the two-tone look is too adventurous for us.

However, we’re still not sure what to make of the seats in Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle. We’re unsure what the exact materials are in the front and rear seats, what name Fisker has given this two-tone color option, or if it will even be a production option. It’s simply Henrik’s test car, with what appears to be a test seat option (for now).

That said, we’ve reached out to the company for comment. We’d like to get more details about what we’re seeing here. We will update this article as soon as we learn more. Let us know in the comments what you think about the seats in Henrik’s test vehicle. Would you select a two-tone color option like this if it was available in the Fisker Ocean configurator?

Photos appeared on Fiskerati Forums courtesy of Jigar Patel on a Facebook group. 

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