Tinted Glass on the Fisker Ocean

The rear windows of the Fisker Ocean appear to come with tinted glass direct from the factory, but the front windows remain without tint.

Fisker Ocean
Fisker Ocean with tinted rear windows.

Recently, we saw some nice photos of Henrik Fisker and the arrival of his Blue Planet Ocean for testing. However, there’s something that I never noticed before.

For instance, on all of the Fisker Ocean show cars and presentations, they always leave the windows open to highlight California mode. This is one of the first times we have a close up of the windows closed.

Most SUVs and CUVs sold in North America have the second row and rear glass tinted. Tinting is usually done at 30%, which means 70% of the light is blocked and 30% transfers through.

By the way, some states have laws that restrict tinting the driver and front passenger windows. That is why only the windows behind those are allowed to be tinted from the factory. We now have confirmation that the windows behind the first row are tinted on the Fisker Ocean.

Glass Roof Tint

Henrik Fisker's Test Car Fisker Ocean
Henrik Fisker’s test car with window tint on the glass SolarSky roof.

One thing that may concern potential owners is the roof glass. Of course the Ocean One and Extreme trims will have the SolarSky roof glass. Much of the two glass panels are shaded by the solar panel elements. We have seen some photos from inside showing the solar cells in glass. It will be interesting to see what Fisker does with the production model.

Today, full panoramic glass panels are popular among many electric vehicles sold. For example, manufacturers provide some sort of UV and IR protection in the form of tinting from the factory. The Ultra trim’s OpenSky and the Sport trim’s BigSky will most likely have similar UV and IR to reduce glare and heat build up.

A power retractable sunshade for inside the roof panel is available on some vehicles. For example, they’re available on the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5. However, others do not offer them like the Tesla Model Y or Ford Mach-E. It appears the Fisker Ocean will not have a retractable cover from any of the photos we have seen so far. For instance, we’ve seen a video of the SolarSky roof in action with the entire roof open.

Adding tint to your Fisker Ocean

If you plan to be a Fisker Ocean owner, do you see yourself tinting the front row windows to match the rear glass? Will you install additional tint to the glass roof? Do you think Fisker may add a retractable sunshade as an accessory or in a future revision of the Ocean? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

This guest blog post is written by Matthew Nelson. He is an EV enthusiast, has pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One, and holds a long position in Fisker ($FSR) shares. 

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7 thoughts on “Tinted Glass on the Fisker Ocean

  1. I live in Florida and I am very concerned about the all glass roof- I really want an ability to shade the interior of the vehicle.

  2. The front windows not tinted looks bad IMO. I plan to add heat rejecting film to my windows. (I’m in Texas)

  3. Tinted windows in fromt not allowed in Norway. Retractable sunshade would be nice, but not a must where I live.

    1. Some states in the US do not allow front tint, so manufactures leave them untintinted to be installed by dealer/ buyer if allowed in there state.

  4. I want my ultra to be tinted and sunroof Sunshade must have. I’ll hope Fisker are planning to have those additional accessory as an option.

What are your thoughts?