Time to Design Your Fisker Ocean

Fisker lets customers know it’s time to design their Fisker Ocean while sending out loads of sequence numbers to Ocean One customers.

Today, Fisker appears to be pretty busy at the moment. The company is in the process of confirming orders with Fisker Ocean customers, sending out sequence numbers, and resolving tech issues. We received an email from Fisker asking us to confirm our order by signing into our Fisker account. If you recall, we pre-ordered a second Fisker Ocean, the Sport trim, in August 2022. It appears Fisker is doing this for a lot of customers, possibly for every Fisker Ocean trim including Sport, Ultra, and Extreme.

New Fisker Website Features

This is made possible in part by new website updates, which launched on Thursday evening. Fisker launched a lot of new enhancements. Some of them are pretty cool too. The company launched a trade-in estimator where you can enter your Vehicle Identification Number and mileage to get an instant trade-in price. The company also provides some hints at financing a Fisker Ocean using Fisker Finance. It allows customers to select their credit rating and term of loan, which provides APR and a more detailed estimated monthly payment. Rates haven’t gone up much since we tried calculating our monthly car payment with a rate of 6.24%. While we love the latest updates, they’ve apparently come with some tech issues.

Credit Rating60 Months72 Months84 Months
Excellent (800+)6.3%6.4%7.09%
Very Good (740-799)6.51%6.75%7.4%
Good (700-739)6.89%7.12%7.7%
Fisker Finance: Financing Charges based on Credit Rating and Term of Car Loan.

Confirm Your Order in Your My Fisker Account

In the rest of the article below, we detail our experience of confirming our Fisker Ocean Sport trim, the issues we are facing, and some good news! Let’s get started with the email we received to confirm our order. The email we received yesterday morning, titled “It’s Time to Design Your Fisker Ocean” was pretty cool to receive. It tells us to click the ‘Get Started’ button. Then, follow the prompts to confirm our trim, configure our vehicle, and estimate our price. We’ve included the text from the entire email below in case you haven’t received it yet.

It’s time to configure your Fisker Ocean.

In Fisker’s Words…

Hello Sean,

Thank you for placing your Fisker Ocean order with us. We're ready for you to confirm your order.

To confirm your order, please sign into your account and view your My Fisker profile. Click the Get Started button and follow the prompts to confirm your trim, configure your vehicle, and estimate your price.

Access to the My Fisker section is only available on desktop browsers. Mobile web and app functionality will be implemented soon.

Additional Updates Regarding Your Order

Securing your order today requires no additional money down, but please note that before your Build Lock date, a total non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per vehicle ordered will be required.

An additional non-refundable deposit of $750 for your first vehicle
An additional non-refundable deposit of $900 for your second vehicle
Trim Priority

Fisker plans to prioritize the production and delivery of Ocean One and Extreme trim orders in 2023, with any additional capacity allocated to the Ultra and Sport orders.

Fisker Finance℠*

Closer to your vehicle delivery day, you will be offered the option to apply for financing using Fisker Finance℠, our convenient digital financing platform. Fisker Finance℠ provides competitive and personalized financing offers to well-qualified applicants for purchasing their Fisker Ocean and factory-installed accessories.

Let’s Get Started

After visiting the Fisker site, we logged into our account. Then, we clicked the orange ‘Get Started’ button. You’ll see a screen that says, “Welcome. Let’s get started. In a few short steps you will configure, secure, and convert your current Fisker Ocean reservation into an order.” You will then see two options including ‘Yes, I want to continue with my trim’ and ‘I’m interested in other trims’ buttons. We chose to continue with our Ocean Sport trim.

Note: This is in addition to our Fisker Ocean One order. You’ll see in the screenshot below two Fisker Ocean orders and one Fisker PEAR order.

Get Started with designing your Fisker Ocean.

Loading the Configurator…

Then, we were taken to the loading screen for the Fisker Ocean Configurator. It rapidly loads to 90%, then we see the screen below that says, “Loading Configurator…”. Sadly, for now, this is the end of trying to confirm our Fisker Ocean Sport. This is the farthest we’ve gotten so far with over a dozen tries. We’ve been at this for over 24 hours now. We really want to confirm our Fisker Ocean Sport order, but can’t do it for whatever reason. We reported these issues to Fisker’s support team. They are looking into it.

Loading the Fisker Ocean configurator getting stuck.

Review Order

The configurator now loads, and we can see our Fisker Ocean Sport. We’ve went with all the standard features, since this is our second Ocean order. This means we’ve chosen Great White exterior, Black Abyss interior, and 20″ AeroStealth wheels, which comes to $37,499 in the new estimator.

Fisker Ocean Price Estimator.

Confirm Order

Then, we pressed the ‘Confirm My Order’ button. At that point a modal window appears, that says, “You’re almost there.” Fisker informs us that “No additional money is required at this time.” They also state, “The remaining balance of your $1,000 deposit per vehicle ordered will be required at Build Lock.” We then pressed ‘Confirm’.

You’ll almost there confirm screen, which mentions additional deposit at time of Build lock.

Order Confirmation

We were then taken to what appeared to be a confirmation screen. It had confetti on it, but no text. After waiting on this page for a few minutes we pressed the My Fisker button.

Some sort of confirmation screen with Fisker colored confetti.

My Fisker Shows Correctly

Lastly, when we returned to the My Fisker management hub it we can see our second Fisker Ocean order for the Sport trim as confirmed. This order now shows the upcoming step with “Build Lock”, where we will have to pay the additional deposit. At that time our Ocean Sport order will be sent to Fisker’s manufacturing partner like our Ocean One order.

As the saying goes, never give up! Our latest attempt this morning clearly worked. Fisker’s tech team must have been working hard over the weekend. To them, we give thanks! As you can see, we successfully confirmed our Ocean Sport pre-order. We did this using a MacBook Air/Chrome (Incognito). We’re pleased the site is working now.

Confirmed with upcoming step of Build Lock.

Server Errors

504 Error Message.

We’ve confirmed we’re not the only one experiencing issues on the Fisker website. For instance, some customers like us keep receiving either 500 or 504 errors, which are ‘internal server errors’ and ‘timeout server errors’. The latter error states: We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.

Since we’ve already contacted the company, the next best thing we all can do is to try again later. Just know, Fisker is aware of the issues and is looking into them. One suggestion, since the Fisker site and app is utterly slow at times. (We’re probably not the only one that notices this too.) The site appears to be timing out from too many requests. Fisker should immediately throw more hardware (e.g., servers) at the problem until customers stop seeing server errors. Since the site is hosted in the cloud it shouldn’t be too difficult to spin up some new server instances to mitigate the issues. Then, the Fisker tech team can fix issues in the code and/or configuration to make the site more performant.

More Sequence Numbers

Fisker Ocean One Sequence Numbers.

Let’s end this on a positive note. We were pretty excited when we received our Fisker Ocean One sequence number. There are now loads of people as of this morning that are probably pretty excited! It appears Fisker is sending out new sequence numbers today. Most Fisker Ocean One customers that locked their build earlier this week on February 27th have received their sequence numbers. For example, we’ve seen all sorts of sequence numbers posted to Fiskerati Forums. We’ve seen ten posted so far including #1035, #1059, #1157, #1450, #1455, #1590, #1793, #1950, #2300, and #2594.

Each Fisker Ocean One electric SUV will be numbered in a series from #1 through #5,000. The first 5,000 Fisker Ocean Ones are a limited edition series with special features. If you recall, our Fisker Ocean One will be number 0469 of 5,000. Once Fisker builds these launch vehicles they will begin production on the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trims in that order. However, as noted above, when confirming your Sport or Ultra order, Fisker will give you a chance to upgrade your trim. For instance, all you have to do is click the ‘I’m interested in other trims’ button and you can select a higher trim level. Until then, good luck!

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14 thoughts on “Time to Design Your Fisker Ocean

  1. Hi, Sean. I had to keep refreshing the “start” > Continue with my selected trim > wait for configurator to load (stuck at 90%)… waited until 6 PM PST, then the configurator finally loaded my saved configuration — with some additions that I removed. Followed the prompts and finished the order confirmation process for my Ocean Ultra.
    Trying to find out if it will be possible to add one or more of the packages after I take delivery of my Ocean Ultra, specifically the Performance package and/or the Ultimate package (as OTA updates). Going in, I’m not sure I need these features now (at delivery). Posted the question to Fisker — will let you know what I response I get.

  2. Their number down is B.S. I reserved in Jan 17 2020 and ordered on July 7 2022 and my number is 1838. I know there are others that reserved and ordered after that have a higher number.

  3. While I don’t know how Fisker issues sequence numbers, I am both grateful and excited that my assigned number is 50.

  4. Have any reservation holders from Canada reported getting this email yet? I’m looking for the ultra, reservation was placed on Feb 24 2022. I have not seen this email yet. I can see my trim info and estimated price on my account. But I have not seen the info regarding the 1000$ deposit needed at time if converting to an order… etc . So I’m not sure if I’ve confirmed anything on my account!!!!

    1. Unsure since we only have access to the US version of the site. Log in to your account to see if it looks like the screenshots we posted. Also, at the top of the US version of the site it now says, “Now Accepting Extreme Orders.” Maybe you see that on the Canadian version of the site?

  5. Still just says “reserve now” for the extreme model on the Canadian site. I’m hoping canada will get these emails as well, reserving in Feb 2022 I’d like to think I’ll get mine at the end of this year, but if fisker isn’t going by reservation dates then alot of us ultras and sports will be bumped down the line.. so much for thinking that my reservation # most likely was in the 33,000 is mark, meant anything.
    People who are just learning about fisker, in the markets that allow for them to order an extreme and can, will bump way ahead of all early reservation holders. Great for fisker revenue, not great for patiently waiting customers and the thousands who reserved Iover a year to two years ago. 🙁
    I’m still excited to have this car in my driveway, just the u.s. tax credit thing last year kinda threw a wrench to anyone not in the u.s…

  6. I know my saved build use to be below $60K. It didn’t retain the configuration, so I reconfigured it and now its over $60k. For one, the Performance Package I want to say was $1500 previously.

What are your thoughts?