The Fisker Ocean High-Speed Test Track

Magna Steyr Test Track Graz Austria

Fisker Ocean prototypes are ready for a test drive and we can’t wait for a video.

It’s been roughly 45 days since Henrik Fisker visited Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. Deliveries of the Fisker Ocean One will start in November this year in both the United States and Europe. Henrik is headed back to the Magna Steyr CO2 neutral factory this week. He will get an in-person status update and have a little fun. Fisker is visiting Magna Steyr to check-in on the 50 Fisker Ocean prototypes being assembled at this very moment. He will also get behind the wheel of a Fisker Ocean One, but where will this “test drive” take place? We have the scoop for you!

High-Speed Test Drive

Henrik tweeted stellar mini-promo video. Expect Henrik, and someone else on the team, to push the limits of the Fisker Ocean One later this week.

Test track location and mystery test driver

We wonder what type of high-speed test drive Henrik has in store and where it will take place. Maybe Henrik be joined by Abbie Eaton? She partnered with Fisker back in August 2021. Eaton is a renowned racing driver that is working with Fisker’s engineering team to develop the brand’s signature driving dynamics.

Believe it or not, she is also the test driver for The Grand Tour so she would be a perfect companion to join Fisker on the high-speed test drive. Imagine a video of Abbie Eaton getting behind the wheel of a Fisker Ocean for a fun race around the track. That would make an exceptional promo video to show off the Fisker Ocean’s EV performance and handling. However, Abbie hasn’t been racing much after a racing injury last year.

Nevertheless, it would be spectacular to test drive the Fisker Ocean at Eboladrome. This is the home of The Grand Tour test track. Not to mention, the Fisker Ocean airing on an upcoming episode of The Grand Tour in 2022? How about the world-famous Nürburgring race track? Nah, that would be cool, but it’s a bit far from the Magna Steyr factory in Austria. Let’s get back from fantasyland for a moment!

Fisker will test drive the Ocean One in Graz, Austria. We are confident this is where the high-speed test drive will take place. Magna Steyr has a test track in its backyard. Regardless, we look forward to seeing a video or two of the Fisker Ocean high-performance test drive. Below we snagged a video for you to get a sneak peak. This is where the high-speed test drive of the Fisker Ocean will go down.

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