The Fisker Ocean, A New Car Company for a New World

Henrik Fisker at Mobile World Congress 2022

Henrik Fisker shows off the Fisker Ocean in Europe and talks about some of its high-tech features at Mobile World Congress 2022.

This morning at 9:35AM, the European reveal of the all-electric Fisker Ocean took place at the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. Henrik Fisker presented the car in front of a group of car enthusiasts and journalists, touting the various elements and production processes that make the Ocean unique.

A new way of thinking

Produced at Magna Steyr’s CO2-neutral plant in Austria, the Fisker Ocean is produced using an asset-light strategy allowing it to get to market in a little over two years (instead of the usual 4 to 5 years that it takes a traditional car company to bring a new model to market). Thus, the Ocean will have the latest technology and the newest features of any car released at the same time.

Segment leading features

Upon launch, the Fisker Ocean will boast the latest battery technology and the most advanced screen with the highest resolution. The size of the screen is 17.1 inches or around 43 cm. The car is 4.63 meters in length, 1.93 meters in width and 1.61m in height. The “trunk capacity” ranges from 566 to 708 liters. The Ocean will be the world’s most sustainable vehicle when it is released in November of this year, with wheels using recycled carbon fibre and recycled plastic. Its interior will be fully vegan. A Europe-wide service network will be in place when cars get delivered with a “mobile service” coming directly home to you.

Safety is key

Fisker Intelligent Pilot (or Fi-Pilot) will deliver industry-unique features and experiences, and it will be regularly updated over the air, several times a year. The Ocean boasts the world’s first digital radar, which not only allows it to see the car’s distance to an object, but also the object’s height and dimensions, thereby enabling the system to differentiate animals from children, bikes from cars, etc.

The digital radar further allows the driver to “see” in the dark. For example, when entering a dark tunnel or driving on an unlit road at night. The Fi-Pilot makes the Ocean indeed “a cocoon of safety” as the video playing during the presentation noted.

In a moment any car owner can relate to, Henrik Fisker noted that he tends to scratch his wheels on the curb when parking. The Ocean will come with a feature that simply does not allow the driver to do that by automatically braking when you risk hitting the curb or any other object with your wheels.

Key takeaways from today’s presentation:

  • The first 50 prototypes are being built in Austria as we speak, with the very first prototype – the Fisker Ocean Camouflage – having rolled off the line a couple of days ago.
  • The base model will cost €41,600. The range will be 440 km for the base model (Fisker Ocean Sport) and 630 km for the higher end models (Fisker Ocean Ultra, Extreme and One).
  • Experience centers will open in Munich, Scandinavia, and the UK in Summer 2022, with more experience centers to follow in European countries where the Fisker Ocean launches.
  • Reservations for the Ocean have surpassed 33,000.
This is a guest post by Eric L., a long-term investor of Fisker ($FSR), reporting from Luxembourg, Europe.

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