Sneak Peak: Fisker Ocean Infotainment

Fisker Ocean Main Navigation User Interface Digital Experience

Henrik teased us with a short video clip of some Fisker Ocean Infotainment features and it includes YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

Fisker Ocean User Interface Digital User Experience Software Design
Fisker Ocean Digital User Experience.

Today, Henrik showed off a sneak peak of some Fisker Ocean Infotainment features. As we already know, the Fisker Ocean will offer a Revolve screen made just for movies. Now we know it will offer movies from streaming services.

In the clip, you can see him swipe the 17.1″ display screen with his finger. It appears Henrik is in the “Apps” section of the user-interface. We now know the Fisker Ocean will will support YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Starz, and other apps.

The other month, we showed you a sneak peak of the User Interface for the 17.1″ Display. In the video clip today, as Henrik swipes up and down you see the left-hand navigation bar reappear. It shows off all the same buttons we called out before. There are buttons for Home, Map, Music, Phone, Driving Controls, Apps, Fan, and Settings. The Apps button is most intriguing to us.

Fisker has said that the User-Interface will be ready around mid-October timeframe. As far as we know, the user-interface is one thing that is holding up test drives and reviews. It’s needed to offer the best experience to journalist that want the full experience of what the Fisker Ocean has to offer. However, after seeing a glimpse of it today, we are excited and can’t wait to swipe the screen ourselves.

In the video clip, there are a few icons we don’t recognize in the Apps section. Let us know in the comments if you recognize any of them.

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9 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Fisker Ocean Infotainment

  1. entertainments cool but what entertains me is information like the charging and brake regen details and the solar efficiency heatmap so I hope we can see some of that soon too!

    1. Android auto and car play support are going to be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Screen casting isn’t ideal.

  2. I hope that you don’t need the revolve feature to stream, as it’s only in three top spec. Let’s hope it plays in the top half of the screen when in portrait mode.

  3. Yep. You’re right. Also, the map graphics looks dated, like 5 year old software to me. I read that it’s based on Tom Tom which is far from state of the art.

What are your thoughts?