Selecting Your Final Fisker Ocean One Configuration

Fisker Ocean Electric SUVs

Fisker will help remove the indecision out of selecting your final Fisker Ocean One configuration, but you will need to wait until October.

Fisker Ocean at Beverly Hills
Fisker Ocean at Beverly Hills car show.

Today, we are seeing a lot of people having a difficult time configuring their Fisker Ocean One. Indecision is a wide-spread issue across social media when it comes to selecting the final Fisker Ocean One configuration.

If you’ve pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One and can’t decide on your final paint color, interior, or wheel options, you’re not alone. We’re even having a difficult time deciding which configuration to settle on.

We are going to walk through each of the choices you are currently faced with today when thinking about Fisker Ocean One configuration options. By the time you’re done reading this article, we hope that you have some peace of mind. However, you are going to have to wait until October for your indecision relief to come.

Paint Colors

Fisker Ocean Launch Color Paint Options
Fisker Ocean one color options.

Firstly, you have seven color options to choose from in three finishes. It’s nice to have this many options, but it can be a daunting task to choose the best color option.

There is Great White and Night Drive which are both gloss options. Then, you have four metallic gloss options, which come in Horizon Gray, Mariana, Silver Lining, and Blue Planet. Lastly, there is the infamous Big Sur Blue which is a metallic matte finish.

There are a lot of beautiful color options to choose from, some that will require a different approach to care than others. Henrik and Geeta Fisker chose Blue Planet and Night Drive.


Fisker Ocean MaliBlu interior.

Secondly, there are a range of interior options to choose from for your Fisker Ocean One. In fact, you have three interior options to choose from including MaliBlu, Sea Salt, and Black Abyss.

Your lifestyle may play a deciding factor in the interior you select. MaliBlu is the signature interior option for the Fisker Ocean One. It is made using both EcoSuede and EcoLeather.

Alternatively, you can select Sea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather) or Black Abyss (EcoLeather). Henrik and Geeta Fisker chose Sea Salt and MaliBlu.


22" F3 SlipStream Wheels
22″ F3 SlipStream Wheels.

Thirdly, Fisker offers you the choice of five different wheel options for your Fisker Ocean One.

You have a choice between 20″ AeroStealth, 22″ SlipStream, or 22″ AirGlider wheels. The 22″ wheels come in either silver or black.

One of your deciding factors may come down to range. The smaller 20″ wheels will provide you with a range of 350 miles. This is compared to the 22″ wheels which will reduce your range by about 20 miles. That means you’ll get 330 miles range if you select either the signature 22″ SlipStream or AirGlider wheels. Henrik and Geeta Fisker chose AirGlider and SlipStream wheels.

New Fisker Ocean Configurator

Fisker Ocean Configurator
Current Fisker Ocean Configurator.

The current Fisker Ocean configurator provides us with basic configuration options. It uses low resolution images, which makes it tough for anyone to get a good sense of what the options will look like in real life.

It has been good enough up until now helping the company secure more than 50,000 Fisker Ocean reservations. However, it leaves customers who pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One with indecision.

We believe Fisker understands the pain some of us have with making a final configuration decision. The company is working to solve the problem as we speak. They are developing a new Fisker Ocean configurator. This next generation Fisker Ocean configurator will help with our indecision. It will provide us with high-resolution imagery, so much so it will feel three dimensional.

The Fisker Ocean 3D configurator will be available on the company’s website and within the Fisker Flexee app. It is expected to be released to customers in October, which means we need to wait another two and a half months. And most importantly, Fisker will give you a chance to use the configurator to remove all indecision before you are required to select your final configuration. Until then, it’s okay to flip flop between each of the Fisker Ocean configuration options until the v2 configurator is released.

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11 thoughts on “Selecting Your Final Fisker Ocean One Configuration

    1. Yes! The Fisker Ocean One and Extreme will have the Winter Package included. The Winter Package offers the heated steering wheel, remote climate control, front/rear heated seats, heated washer nozzles, and washer operable in freezing temperatures.

  1. The MaliBlu interior, it’s difficult to see the shade of blue in the pictures. Please add more light

  2. Hoping to see an indepth description, and even pictures (whenever applicable), on optional accessories. Never been so excited about something until I pre-ordered mine; hopefully, I can control this if not contained.

  3. If the Entry ID on my reservation receipt says 323, Product Fisker Reservation (paid on 12.5.2019) means I was the 323rd person to reserve a Fisker, I’m disappointed in how the rollout is now structured. I didn’t want to pay a $5,000 deposit (which was never mentioned before now) without seeing the car, but do want the option to lease. Why then do I not do I get to stay in a pool (based on my low number) that gives me and others priority to lease later? If not able to do so, I’m very disappointed in the way this is being handled. I was excited to learn of of the Fisker being created, and followed every email that came out (I even bought, and still own, shares in the company), but I never thought I would end up with a take-it-or -leave-it option when it came time for production.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mark. If you don’t choose to purchase the Ocean One, you can stay in the reservation pool and wait for the trim you want (e.g., Ultra, Sport) or for the Fisker Flexible Lease option which is said to be available at the end of 2023. Feel free to discuss this in the Fiskerati Forums.

  4. I was under the impression, that all the ones came with matte blue?, I guess not, do we know if the matte blue is included in the 69k?

    1. Yes, you can choose any color option you want from the launch colors list. There are 7 launch colors to choose from. All colors are included in the $68,999 cost.

  5. Will there be a Launch Edition special exterior color? For example the Ford Maverick launch edition had a special color for only the 1st 1,000 vehicles. Something that would go well with the Mali-blu interior.

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