Row of Fisker Oceans in Great White, Night Drive, Black Vortex Wheels Make Appearance

Henrik shares new photos of a row of Fisker Ocean in Great White and Night Drive giving a glimpse of what he is up to at the Magna Steyr.

Fisker Ocean painted in Great White with what appears to be 22″ F6 Vortex wheels in black.

Today, we received some new photos out of Graz, Austria from Henrik Fisker. He is currently at the Magna Steyr manufacturing facility today. That is the site of Fisker Ocean production. He is there to check on Fisker Oceans coming off the line and to perform ADAS testing. Henrik said, “I’m at the manufacturing plant in Austria/Graz, seeing some of the cars coming off the line and doing ADAS test drives!” He then showed off the Fisker Ocean in Night Drive. He went on to say, “Saw this black Fisker Ocean at the manufacturing plant today!!”

In the photos, he showed off a couple of things we’ve never seen before. Firstly, the most obvious was a row of Fisker Oceans painted in Great White. We usually see one Fisker Ocean painted in Great White here or there, but never multiple in this paint color parked side-by-side. Maybe these electric SUVs are part of Magna’s fleet order of 15 Fisker Oceans the company plans to deliver this month? If you don’t know, Magna will be the first paying customer to receive production vehicles according to the latest earnings report.

Secondly, Henrik’s photo of the Fisker Oceans in Great White reveal something we’ve never seen before. It appears one of the Fisker Oceans is sporting 22″ F6 Vortex wheels in black. Currently, the configurator on the Fisker site only shows this wheel option in silver. This is a pretty cool wheel option, or at least we think so! This design option is consistent with other wheel options offered by Fisker. For example, both the 22″ F5 AirGlider and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels come in black. It’s likely at some point they’ll make it to the configurator.

Lastly, we got to see a nice shot of the Fisker Ocean painted in Night Drive. We’ve seen a couple photos of the Fisker Ocean in Night Drive. However, this was a nice side profile of the electric SUV with 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. This is a really nice configuration choice. Each of the photos coming out of Graz, Austria keep making it more challenging to finalize our Fisker Ocean One configuration. Currently, we’re going with Big Sur Blue, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels. Maybe we’ll end up changing our mind at the last minute!

Let us know in the comments below what configuration you’re going with at this moment.

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9 thoughts on “Row of Fisker Oceans in Great White, Night Drive, Black Vortex Wheels Make Appearance

  1. How many have been built? From November 17 tell today ? Would be cool if you had a counter on your web site just to show they are being made. Might help the stock! Something has to. Nebraska Bill

    1. Thanks I can not find anything on how many all weekend looking. But we have to let people know what’s going on. Nebraska Bill

  2. I hate all of the 22″ wheels, I love the black gloss wheels shown in several of the Ocean one videos of Night drive, they say it is unavailable…..I have an Ocean One reserved…. not happy with my options

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