Questions Fisker Ocean Reservation Holders Want Answered

The Fisker Ocean is a compelling electric SUV, but the company needs to help answer the top questions on the minds of reservation holders.

In my Fisker Ocean cruising the coast!

The Fisker brand has captivated the hearts of many. Most consumers have reserved their Fisker Ocean sight unseen and with limited details. However, there are still people anxiously awaiting new information about the Fisker Ocean. They need help deciding whether or not to follow through with the purchase of the electric SUV when it becomes available.

At this stage of the process, information is limited like we’ve seen with trim features. That’s understandable. The company wants to keep certain details close to its vest. We get it. However, it makes some wonder if there are more details the company could share. We’ve noticed the more information the company shares, the larger the Fisker community grows. It may even help deepen trust with customers as the company builds its brand.

There are thousands of customers that can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a Fisker Ocean. There will probably be lines forming ahead of each Fisker Experience Center opening. You can add us to the front of the queue. Seeing the car in-person or getting a hands-on driving experience is great, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, what does it mean to “Own a Fisker Ocean?”

Questions start with the vehicle warranty…

Your Fisker Ocean

For most of us, buying an electric vehicle is a big purchase. Potential customers always want to know about a vehicle’s warranty. It’s one of the first places customers start. What does the vehicle warranty cover? Fortunately, Fisker has already provided us details about the Ocean warranty. We also wrote about how the Fisker Ocean warranty stacks up to the competition.

The company’s industry-leading basic warranty of six years, 60,000 miles/100,000 kilometers; powertrain warranty of 10 years, 100,000 miles/160,000 kilometers; and battery warranty of 10 years, 100,000 miles/160,000 kilometers (whichever comes first in all cases) will be supported by service centers throughout the region. For service, the company is offering at-home vehicle pick-up, or Fisker Mobile Service, for customers who prefer skilled technicians come to them. (The Fisker Ocean warranty also includes corrosion coverage and roadside assistance.)

Top questions reservation holders have

Here is a list of the top questions reservation holders have about the Fisker Ocean. Maybe the company would like to help answer them for us.

  • What does “at-home vehicle pick-up” mean? (i.e., Will a loaner car be provided during repairs and when maintenance is performed?)
  • How frequent should regular maintenance be scheduled?
  • Will my Fisker Ocean work with my phone? (e.g., Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or both)
  • Is there satellite radio in my Fisker Ocean? (e.g., SiriusXM)
  • What is the monthly payment for each Ocean trim with the Fisker Flexee Lease program?

Please let us know what’s on your mind. What are your top questions you want the company to answer about the Fisker Ocean? We will add them to the list here for Fisker to see.

Additional questions submitted by reservation holders…

  • What’s the plan for the human infrastructure to support the brand?
  • Who are the repair/service people? Who will pick up cars? Will Fisker use subcontractors?
  • Details on service locations/supplier?
  • Can someone train to be a Fisker repair person? What about authorized repair shops, or Fisker corporate repair shops?
  • When will IIHS results and road tests be published?
  • When will there be an opportunity to sit in the Fisker Ocean to judge interior room/comfort?
  • Will additional interior color options be available to better match 2023 paint color options? (i.e., tan interior for Solar Orange, Red Planet, and Stealth Green)
  • What is the drag coefficient (cW value) for the Fisker Ocean?

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7 thoughts on “Questions Fisker Ocean Reservation Holders Want Answered

  1. I agree, what radio will be on the Ocean. Second question will be to detail the public charging plan/offer. Res holder June 2020.

  2. Those are all good questions. Some of my questions are:
    What is the turning radius?
    What is the actual “boot” size behind 2nd row and 1st row?
    What is the ground clearance?
    Which trim gets the 20” wheels and which one gets the 22” wheels?
    When will we know the true EPA milage range?
    What is the recommended Level 2 charger rating (15-40, 15-50)?
    Will we get complimentary DC fast charging? If so, with who and how much (Electrify America: 2,500kWh over 3-years, unlimited for 3-years)?

What are your thoughts?