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Fisker published new questions and answers about ordering the Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport and some of them are interesting.

Fisker Ocean - Silver Lining Launch Color
Fisker Ocean in Silver Lining launch paint color.

Today, we noticed Fisker added a new section to its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The FAQ now includes an entire section named “Order”. Some of the questions and answers are interesting.

We’ve noticed many of these questions appear in the comments of Fisker’s social media accounts, throughout our site and YouTube channel comments.

With all of the excitement around pre-ordering Fisker Ocean and the US Federal EV tax credit changes, reservation holders have been inquisitive. Fisker has been busy answering questions. It’s no wonder Fisker decided to publish this FAQ to help cut down on requests to Rådgivers.

We thought it may be helpful to inform you about them too. That way it saves you some time as well in getting answers to your most frequently asked questions. We’ve taken the time to highlight answers that were most interesting to us, but we suggest you reading all of the Q&A.

Fisker’s Order FAQ

When will I have to start making payments if I agree to an order?
Financial arrangements will not be due until closer to delivery. Customers will be notified in advance when their vehicle is scheduled for delivery.

If I order a Fisker Ocean Sport, and want to change to a different trim, will I be able to use the same order?
The $250 dollar deposit is non transferrable between various trims.

If I convert my reservation to an order, is the $250 still refundable?
Once the $250 fee is converted to an order, it is no longer refundable.

Does confirming an order lock in pricing for my trim selection?
Once the order is confirmed, the trim level price will be secured. Pricing is subject to change based on selected interior and exterior colors, as well as package, and accessory customization.

Can I order under my company and still qualify for a tax credit?
Qualification for the tax credit is based on the terms of the federal incentive.

Will converting to an order change my place in the order queue?
Placement in the queue will be determined by multiple factors, including but not limited to trim selection, delivery location, and when your deposit was confirmed.

Can I transfer an order to a friend of family member?
Reservations and orders are non-transferrable.

If I commit to an order, will I qualify for the Tax Credit?
You may qualify for a federal tax credit that reduces your income tax liability. The terms for qualifying are set forth by the federal government. An order is not a guarantee of tax credit qualification. Please note that Fisker is not providing legal or tax advice to you regarding the provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, including its ‘Transition Rule’ which, in its August 6, 2022 draft form, provided that a taxpayer that entered into a written binding contract for a qualifying vehicle prior to its enactment, and takes delivery of such vehicle after enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act, may elect to treat the vehicle as having been placed in service on the day prior to the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act for purposes of section 30D(d)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Please consult with your tax professional to determine whether you would qualify for any federal tax credit and do not rely upon the availability of such tax credit when making your purchase decision.

What if I decide to cancel my order?
To cancel your order, please contact Fisker via [email protected]

What is the purpose of switching to a deposit?
By updating your Reservation to a Deposit, you are securing your desired trim and establishing an order agreement.

Why am I only able to select a trim, but not fully configure or design my Fisker Ocean?
Selecting a trim will provide reservation holders with an Order Agreement. An Order Agreement may aid Fisker customers in the procurement of future Federal incentives. All customers with a confirmed order will be allowed to configure their Fisker Ocean at a later date and prior to your vehicle being built.

What if your delivery timelines do not work with my schedule? Can I put my order on hold?
As your Fisker Ocean gets closer to delivery timing, you will be provided with delivery timing updates. If the delivery timing does not work for your schedule, we will reasonably work with you to find a delivery timing that works for your needs.

After placing my order, how long until I take delivery?
After placing your order, you will receive an estimated delivery window. Fisker will be sure to communicate all delivery updates to you.

When will Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport orders open for other countries?
On November 18th, the day after our official start of production, we will begin taking preorders for the Fisker Ocean Extreme trim. This will be followed by opening pre-orders for our Ultra and Sport trims in Q1 2023.

What does this mean for European orders?
For Europe, on November 18th, the day after our official start of production, we will begin taking preorders for the Fisker Ocean Extreme trim. This will be followed by opening pre-orders for our Ultra and Sport trims in Q1 2023.

Will the Fisker Ocean qualify for future tax incentives in Europe?
We are unable to predict future government policies.

For reservation holders in countries that place their orders later, will our vehicle delivery be delayed?
Vehicle deliveries will be based upon confirmed orders and market rollout timing.

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