Pre-Orders Officially Begin for Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One Invitation

Fisker Ocean One pre-orders are under way as Fisker invites the earliest of reservation holders to purchase the Launch Edition.

It’s begun, Fisker Ocean One pre-orders are under way. Someone at Fisker pressed the “Send” button. Invites are on their way out to the earliest of reservation holders to purchase the Launch Edition. The earliest of Fisker Ocean reservation holders have been notified.

Yes, the company came through. We just posted a video about being a believer that the company would get something out today. And, just as we hit publish on the video, moments later the emails went out.

The email starts off by saying, “Pre-Order the Fisker Ocean One. Now is the time. Thank you for being one of the first visionaries, change-makers, and fans to reserve a Fisker Ocean, joining Fisker’s vision of A Clean Future for All.”

The email continues, “The time has come. You’re invited to join us in this history-making first step: owning the first-ever Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One.”

Reserve your Fisker Ocean

The Fisker Ocean One is now available for pre-order beginning with Fisker’s earliest reservation holders. Only 5,000 Launch Edition Fisker Ocean Ones will be made. Fisker is inviting select groups of reservation holders to commit to securing their Fisker Ocean One by making a $5,000 non-refundable pre-order deposit. They are extending invitations to early reservation holders in select markets: Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States. This is just as we reported this morning.

The terms to Pre-Order the Fisker Ocean One in the company’s words…

Here’s how you ACCEPT this INVITATION and secure your Fisker Ocean One.
1. Act promptly.
You have SEVEN (7) days from receipt of this email to complete your pre-order for the Fisker Ocean One. Invitations will be extended to the next group of reservation holders THREE (3) days from now.
2. Either or open the Fisker App, log into your account, click “Reservations”, and click “Pre-Order Now” to begin.

3. Make one of these choices:
Select Fisker Ocean One to confirm your choice of a Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One. Production starts in November 2022. Delivery timing will be dependent upon your pre-order date and delivery location. We expect all deliveries of the Fisker Ocean One to occur by end of September 2023. At this time, Fisker is only confirming pre-orders for the Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One.
Select Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, or Sport if you prefer one of these trim levels. Fisker will prioritize Fisker Ocean Extreme orders in 2023, with any additional capacity being then allocated to Ultra and Sport. Given the high degree of interest in the Fisker Ocean SUV premium models, it is likely that Fisker Ocean Sport production will not commence until late 2023, initially at modest volumes, with higher volumes expected in 2024. No pre-order deposit will be requested now for these trim levels. Fisker will contact you with details about confirming orders for these trim levels in the coming months.

4. Provide your payment information for your $5,000 USD pre-order deposit. This pre-order deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the purchase price.

5. Update your contact information and other requested details and confirm your choice.

6. We are incorporating exciting, innovative, and sophisticated new software features into the Fisker Ocean. Upon delivery of your vehicle, some of the software features may not be immediately enabled but as they become available, your vehicle will be updated “over the air” (OTA) and free of charge. Fisker is committed to ensuring you have an incredible experience with your vehicle and as a result, we will continue to make innovative software updates “over the air” (OTA) during the time you own your vehicle, subject to hardware compatibility.

Learn more about the exclusive Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One here.

Please act promptly: this is your One chance to secure your Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One. We hope you’re as excited to secure your Fisker Ocean One as we are to deliver it to you!

If you are not among the first 5,000 reservation holders to accept this offer to reserve a Fisker Ocean One, you will still retain your spot in the original Fisker Ocean reservation line. We will begin processing reservations for Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport after the 5,000 Fisker Ocean One pre-orders. Schedule to be announced at a later date.

Not Eligible to Purchase Fisker Ocean One

For most people, if they try to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One, they’ll be faced with a graceful page telling them sorry, not yet! It states, “Looks like your reservation isn’t eligible to Pre-Order a Fisker Ocean One at this time. Continue checking your inbox for the latest Fisker Ocean updates.” Join the Fiskerati Forums to discuss Fisker Ocean One with other members of the Fisker community.

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Orders Officially Begin for Fisker Ocean One

  1. No refundable reservation a non-starter. Need test drive for fit and function and full specs regardless

    1. They may need all 52,000 reservation holders to get 5,000 people foolish enough to bet $5,000 on an untested, unreviewed, and not yet finished car.

      1. I agree with Frank G and Frank Martin. I thought I would be well past the first 5000 to get the launch edition having made my reservation at the end of January this year. I think they must have been in the 30K for reservations by that time. However I just received an invite to pre-order the Ocean One launch edition. And maybe even during only the 3rd “wave” of invitations. I’m in US so not sure if that aided in getting me the special opportunity to shell out $5K for the privilege of getting the Ocean One badge. I like quite a lot of the features presented and if the car comes out as is being touted I’ll be all for it. However some critical elements are still “unknown” or not verified. Plus since there aren’t Fisker dealerships/centers all over US it would be nice to know for certain how maintenance and repairs are going to be handled. More info than just “partnering with 3rd party service providers” to me is important. Who and where are those providers and what will that be like financially? I’ll hold on to my $5k for now and wait for the pre-orders of the Extreme trim when that starts.

  2. I was trying to check eligibility to order Ocean 1 as described above. When I logged into my Account and go to Reservations I do not see ORANGE SCREEN and I do not see the option Pre-Order Now. Should this Option be added to my account only when I will be eligible?

    1. We haven’t seen this third option. The Fisker site was experience issues earlier today like we captured in this article. Click the link after you’re signed into your Fisker account. When did you reserve your Fisker Ocean, Michael?

What are your thoughts?