Possible Fisker Ocean Feature Upgrades

Big Sur Blue with black wheels

Fisker has talked about possible feature upgrades for Ocean Ultra and Sport, but what can they offer without cannibalizing Extreme sales?

Fisker Ocean Extreme in Solar Orange

The Fisker Ocean Extreme comes fully loaded. They’ll have every single bell and whistle offered by Fisker. Well, maybe everything except for Optional Packages. However, the Ocean Ultra and Sport trim lack some of the most sought after features. For example, you won’t find the SolarSky Roof or the Revolve screen in either the lower or mid-priced trims. Two of these are our favorite features available on the high-end Fisker Ocean Extreme.

On several occasions, Fisker has talked about making some of the Ocean Extreme features upgrades on the Ultra and Sport. For reference, the base prices for each Fisker Ocean trim is:

  • Sport: $37,499
  • Ultra: $49,999
  • Extreme: $68,999

The price difference between the Extreme and Ultra is $19,000, Ultra and Sport is $12,500, and Extreme and Sport is $31,500. Depending on individual costs of each Extreme feature, it may make sense to purchase the next trim level. Parting anything out is always way more expensive than buying the whole. For example, if you want 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels, Big Sur Blue paint, MaliBlu interior, and the SolarSky Roof, you are better off purchasing the Ocean Extreme rather than the Ultra.

Not to mention, the Ocean Extreme trim may come with standard OTA packages or features that aren’t upgradable like the 350+ mile range battery. Simply put, the Extreme will offer a lot more features than the cost of all available feature upgrade options. Based on leading industry car makers, let’s have a look at some of the possible feature upgrades and their price.

Fisker Ocean Paint Upgrade

Fisker Ocean Launch Color Paint Options

Fisker offers a wide selection of paint color options. At launch they will have seven options and will double the number in 2023. Fisker has not said what the cost of each paint option will cost. However, as we know some car makers charge for paint options. Fisker will offer four paint finishes including gloss, metallic gloss, multi-coat, and metallic matte. We believe gloss paint will be a standard option.

Fisker could offer paint color upgrades for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims. The Ocean One and Extreme should come with the top paint feature at no charge. Below are some possibilities of what upgraded paint color options will cost for the Fisker Ocean. If Fisker charges for some paint colors, you’ll pay more than the base price to get the color you want. For example, if you want an Ocean Sport in Solar Orange paint, the vehicle plus feature upgrade will cost $38,999.

Paint FeaturePaint ColorsUpgrade Price
Standard PaintGreat White; Night Drive; Red PlanetIncluded
Premium Gloss PaintSilver Lining; Horizon Gray; Mariana; Blue Planet; Sun Soaked; Sea Grass; Black Pearl$1,000
Premium Multi-Coat PaintSolar Orange; Marine Layer$1,500
Premium Matte PaintBig Sur Blue; Stealth Green$2,000

Fisker Ocean Wheel Upgrade

Currently, Fisker offers five wheel options for the Fisker Ocean. We know the 20″ wheels will be standard. Fisker offers two 22″ premium wheel options. Below are some possibilities of what upgraded wheels will cost for the Fisker Ocean. We believe there will be three tiers of wheel options. Two wheel options will be upgrades. The most expensive being the F3 SlipStream since they include carbon fiber inserts.

Fisker could offer wheel upgrades for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims. The Ocean One and Extreme do come with the signature 22″ wheels at no charge. Below are some possibilities of what upgraded wheel options will cost for the Fisker Ocean Ultra and Sport.

Wheel FeatureWheel OptionUpgrade Price
20″ Standard WheelsF7 AeroStealthIncluded
22″ Premium WheelsF5 AirGlider; F5 AirGlider – Black$1,500
22″ Premium Wheels with Carbon Fiber InsertsF3 SlipStream; F3 SlipStream – Black$2,000

Fisker Ocean Interior Upgrade

Fisker Ocean Interior Black Abyss Front Center

Fisker offers three interior color options, which include Black Abyss, Sea Salt, and MaliBlu. There will be two types of vegan interior, dark metallic and bright metallic. The standard vegan interior on the Fisker Ocean is Black Abyss, which is dark metallic. Both Sea Salt and MaliBlu, each bright metallic color options, will be an extra charge. Fisker could offer interior upgrades for the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims. Below are some possibilities of what upgraded interior options will cost for the Fisker Ocean.

Interior FeatureInterior ColorUpgrade Price
Dark Metallic Black AbyssStandard
Bright MetallicSea Salt$1,000
Bright MetallicMaliBlu$1,000

Fisker Ocean Roof Upgrades

Probably the coolest feature on the Fisker Ocean is the SolarSky Roof which comes on the Extreme trim. However, all of the panoramic roof options on the Fisker Ocean are pretty nice. The Ocean Ultra comes with the OpenSky Roof and Sport the BigSky Roof. We believe Fisker will eventually offer roof upgrades for both trims. As prices come down to manufacture each premium option, they will be offered to lower trims. Below are some possibilities of what upgraded roof options will cost for the Fisker Ocean Ultra and Sport trims.

Roof FeatureRoof OptionUpgrade Price
Standard RoofBigSky RoofStandard
Premium RoofOpenSky Roof$2,500
Premium Roof with SolarSolarSky Roof$7,000

Fisker Ocean Display Upgrade

Lastly, we want to talk briefly about displays. This appears to be a simple upgrade. The Revolve screen with Hollywood Mode doesn’t have too many parts driven mostly by software. It comes standard in the Ocean One and Extreme. We believe margins are high on this feature. Therefore, it will be an upgrade option in both the Ocean Ultra and Sport trims. Below are some possibilities of what upgraded display options will cost for the Fisker Ocean.

Display FeatureDisplay OptionUpgrade Price
Standard Display17.1″ Central DisplayStandard
Premium Display17.1″ Central Display; Revolve with Hollywood Mode$1,000

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3 thoughts on “Possible Fisker Ocean Feature Upgrades

    1. I’ve got my fingers crossed with you, Chris! It does look pretty cool. California Mode on all trims would be great even if a feature upgrade on the Sport. Not sure what I’d be willing to pay to unlock this feature if it was un-lockable. Maybe $250 to $300?

  1. I’ve watched Fisker Ocean for over a year. I’d like to commit to buying one, but I’m not comfortable doing that without actually seeing a car in person. I’m in Ft Lauderdale. I would travel to see a show with a Fisker there, but none this year have one. I recently read there would not even be one at the LA Show as last year. RB in Ldl, Fla.

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