Over 60,000 Fisker Ocean Reservations

Fisker shares update on Fisker Ocean reservations, which now exceed 60,000, and the company says it has produced nearly 100 electric SUVs.

Fisker Ocean undergoes painting on the high volume production line at Magna Steyr
Fisker Ocean undergoes painting on the high volume production line at Magna Steyr.

Today, Fisker reported over 60,000 reservations for the Fisker Ocean. This includes 5,000 sold out Fisker Ocean Ones, each secured by a $5,000 deposit. It also includes the US allocation of pre-orders taken during the month of August. Fisker expected 50k reservations by the end of the year and has surpassed that number months ago.

Back on August 18th, Fisker had 58,000 reservations. That means the company added over 2,000 reservations over the past 43 days. While we don’t know exactly how many Fisker Ocean reservations the company has beyond 60,000, we do know there are 93 days remaining in 2022.

During the Cowen investor conference, Henrik said the company projected over 80,000 reservations before the end of the year. If we assume Fisker needs 20,000 reservations to hit 80,000 reservations by year-end, the company needs 215 reservations/day to achieve this number.

Henrik remained upbeat at the Morgan Stanley investor conference in mid-September. At the time, the company had strong demand for its electric SUV. Even with a huge backlog, reservations remain open for customers to get into the reservation queue. It will be interesting to see if Fisker Ocean demand remains strong given the weakening macro environment.

Fully Assembled Fisker Oceans

Fisker Ocean getting application of primer on Magna Steyr assembly line
Fisker Ocean getting galvanized on Magna Steyr assembly line.

Fisker shared a lot of new photos and videos today as it announced the achievement of a production milestone. For example, we got to see photos of the Fisker Ocean in the paint booth. The photos show the electric SUV during prep, primer, and paint on the high volume production line at Magna Steyr.

You may have wondered how the Fisker Ocean is painted. We recorded a virtual tour showing the paint process at Magna Steyr for you to get a closer look. The video also shows how your Fisker Ocean will be built on the high volume assembly line.

Henrik Fisker shared new photos and videos with us too that were quite impressive. He showed a Fisker Ocean partly built on the Magna Steyr assembly line in the afternoon. Then, he shared the same Fisker Ocean again at 5pm on the same day showing it fully built. And this morning he showed off the same Fisker Ocean with several other Fisker Oceans fully built. As he says, “The MACHINE” is running!

In a social media post, he said, “I saw this car unfinished “body in white” yesterday around noon, then the same day at 5 pm it comes down the line. The MACHINE is running! We achieved manufacturing milestones ahead of SOP! 95 Fisker Oceans built so far!” You can see a compilation of the videos below. Official start of production is 49 days away commencing on November 17th, 2022.

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