Over 60 Fisker Ocean EV Prototypes Completed

Fisker Ocean Magna Steyr Production On-Time

Work never stops, it’s 24/7 at Magna Steyr as Fisker’s partner picks up the pace with assembling Fisker Ocean EV prototypes in the Graz factory.

Fisker Ocean being built on the assembly line at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.

We’ve learned there are over 60 fully-built Fisker Ocean EV prototypes at this very moment. Fisker released new photos in the past 24 hours from Magna Steyr’s CO2 neutral factory. Magna Steyr is pumping out Fisker Oceans at a rate of more than two a day now, which was originally planned.

Henrik was just asked about how many Fisker Oceans have been built at Magna to date. He said way more than 50, over 60. That is excellent news for the company with more than 45,000 reservations. Fisker shared electric cars keep coming off the prototype line and said it’s 24/7 at Magna.

He said the company is “super well prepared!” Fisker is in the process of completing extensive testing and refinement. They have constant collaboration with their “amazing” suppliers. Henrik Fisker confirmed the company is still on track for a November 17th start of production (SOP).

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