Out Goes Another Batch of Fisker Ocean One Pre-Order Invites

Fisker Ocean One

We’re at day 20 after pre-ordering for the Fisker Ocean One officially opened at the beginning of the month.

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean One.

Today, Fisker sent out another wave of pre-order invite emails for the Ocean One. We’re seeing reports of people across social media and forums saying they reserved the Fisker Ocean in April 2022.

The company officially opened up pre-ordering for Fisker Ocean One on July 1st. The company initially contacted a small group of early reservation holders.

The following week, Fisker contacted a big wave of reservation holders. Since then, the company has ben contacting smaller cohorts of anything but early reservation holders. As of right now, we are at day 20 after pre-ordering for the Fisker Ocean One officially opened at the beginning of the month.

Fisker has been quiet about where things stand with filling up the 5,000 limited edition launch vehicles. Right now, all we know is invites that are being sent out are “sequential and planned.” Also, Fisker Ocean One availability is based on region. We could be in the mid-40,000’s of the reservation queue. At this point, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe Fisker is waiting for their earnings call to provide us an update? Earnings are expected to be released on August 3rd after the market close. Anecdotally, it appears more people are accepting the offer to pre-order the launch vehicle in this cohort vs. previous ones. Who wouldn’t want to get a pass to jump straight to the front of the line to order an electric vehicle?

More Endorsements

The company also shared some new endorsements across social media. The endorsement that stood out most to us was from Bill McDermott. He is the CEO of ServiceNow and a Fisker Board Member. He said, “Henrik is the ultimate designer. I’m truly honored to be among the first to proudly own the Fisker Ocean One. This will be a generational produce success. The first of many Fisker innovations that will define the marketplace.”

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

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5 thoughts on “Out Goes Another Batch of Fisker Ocean One Pre-Order Invites

  1. What about my pre order of Fisker Ocean ULTRA Model? I am not interested in Fisker Ocean ONE. I am interested in Fisker ULTRA.

  2. I keep wavering back and forth between a Fisker Ocean, which seems too good to be true, and a more established brand.

    1. If you happen to get an invite, consider jumping on it. I went for it but not because I trust Fisker explicitly. I trust them implicitly, because of all the big brands involved (Magna, Bridgestone, etc.). I have an EV that does 250 miles in theory. I’m going to keep that as a daily driver but use the Fisker for longer trips and on special occasions. It will help having a backup car during the growing pains. Let’s not forget how Tesla got started. Fisker has a huge leg up on them in many ways so I expect the ownership experience to be superior (value, performance, quality, service, etc.). Time will tell, though, no question about it.

  3. I have not received any information about my preorder. I’ve had the ocean on order for a long time. Year and a half at least.

What are your thoughts?