Our Top 3 Favorite Fisker Ocean Colors

Fisker Ocean Popular Paint Color Options - Solar Orange, Big Blue Sur, Night Drive Paint Colors

When its time to pre-order the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV you’re going to need to select a paint color option and we’re here to help.

Today, we’re going to share with you our top three favorite Fisker Ocean paint color options. Selecting a Fisker Ocean paint color is going to be one of the toughest things for reservation holders. This is especially true if you can’t visit a Fisker Experience Center or a pop-up store that will show off the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV.

Fisker offers 14 different paint color options to choose from when purchasing a Fisker Ocean electric SUV. At launch, Fisker will have seven color options. All of them are earth tones which fits the bill for an electric vehicle named the Ocean. In 2023, paint color options will double.

Fisker has not said what the cost of each paint option will cost. However, as we know some car makers charge for paint options and other feature upgrades. Fisker will offer four paint finishes including gloss, metallic gloss, multi-coat, and metallic matte. We believe gloss paint will be a standard option. We believe Great White, Night Drive, and possibly Red Planet will be standard color options.

Our Top Color Picks

You’ve probably seen countless photos of the Fisker Ocean in various colors. Big Sur Blue, Black, and Solar Orange happen to be favorite color options. They are beautiful, timeless, and classic colors we think you can’t go wrong with choosing.

Solar Orange

The most vibrant Fisker Ocean paint color option is Solar Orange. It is a standout and everyone will see you coming in this option.

If you want people to notice your electric vehicle, this paint color will do it. It is absolutely beautiful.

This premium multi-coat paint is a winner in our book. It also pairs well with the sustainable Black Abyss interior.

Big Sur Blue

If we were undecided on which color to choose, Big Sur Blue is the paint option of choice.

This timeless color option will never go out of style. The premium matte paint has a modern look that you’re starting to see on new car models. It has a different look throughout the day in both sun and shade.

This color option pairs nice with all Fisker Ocean interior options. It’s a best in show of the earth tone color options.

Night Drive

Black paint, or what Fisker calls Night Drive, is our last color pick. Aside from it showing dust and dirt fairly easy, it’s a classic color option.

Night Drive has a beautiful sheen. The glossy black color is sure to catch everyone’s attention. This color never goes out of style.

Paired with any of the black wheel options, and Black Abyss you’ll go into stealth mode and feel like a secret agent.

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